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[PC] The Cerise Crime Family - Medium RP Crew

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The Cerise Family



The Cerise Family is a crime organization set within' Los Santos. We strive to provide the best illegal products and legal products onto the market. With a professional attitude we offer a range of supplies. From drugs, pharmaceuticals, weapons and counterfeit goods, this is just a brief example of our supplies. We operate just like any other crime family or organization. With the Boss being at the top and below him his Under boss, Lieutenants, Capo's and Enforcers.

Our organization also has branches. We look to include everyone to work under our name. That means recruiting the most different set of people, with one goal in mind. Cash. To do this we have four branches in which are the following:

Task Force- The Task Force are highly trained individuals who like to go into combat and take down our worst enemies. With strong military training and the best gear being provided, they are not afraid to get down and dirty with the opposition.


Motorcylce Club- The motorcycle club operate with drug running and muling the most nastiest of illegal substances, with little rules apart from being loyal to the organization, they work hard and like to party after a good days work. Agression and strength is key for these guys.


Street Thugs- The Street thugs are those who enforce the word and make sure that if anyone is talking smack or trying to cause us some problems. They go in and rough them up, sending a clear message not to screw around with the organization's personal business. If they do not listen, then it ends badly.


Corporation Workers- The Corporation workers are the basic and main body of the organization. They wear the black and red suit and work directly with the organizations most powerful individuals. The job of the corporation workers is to collect supplies for the organization and bring them back safely. Failure to do so is very punishable.



The Inner Circle are those that call the shots. They're very important towards the organizations function and well-being.

Inner Circle



Under boss.

The Outer Circle host those who're very loyal to the Inner Circle. They follow the orders given by the higher ups and enforce them with ease.

Outer Circle




The Muscle are those who listen to the Outer Circles orders, they get the job done and do it in good fashion. They do not question the orders either.


Street Soldiers.


Hang Arounds.



The cars used within' the organization range from what branch you're in. Like the following:

Task Force- The Task Force will use military like vehicles, ranging from Insurgents to Mesa's. Anything that resembles a force to be reckoned with.

Motorcycle Club- The Motorcycle Club use bikes that are either old fashioned or have a loud engine. Ranging from Baggers to Wolfbanes.

Street Thugs- The Street thugs can drive most vehicles, however nothing to flashy or super fast. Super Cars are completely excluded unless given permission. They will drive Sedans, Coupes and Sports.

Corporation Workers- Corporation workers will drive high end Sedans. The preferred car would be the Enus Cognoscetti. SUV's are allowed too.

Territory and Turf.

With our Crime Family growing slowly, we wish to include each branch in a location close by and have each others back while doing work. While looking around Los Santos we soon invested in a property area known as Vinewood Lake Estates. This area is highly defendable and we've made it our home turf for the Family. A Lieutenant will reside and control each house, other than the Corporation Workers house.


Corporation Workers House.

This is the main house for all of our crew. The Inner Circle will mainly reside here. With high security and the house being the biggest and nicest it shows the true sculpture of what our family is. Corporation Workers can sit by the pool, or lift some weights while here. However, do not get confused, the Inner Circle have maximum control here, do not disrespect them when told to leave the house.


Street Thugs House.

The Street Thugs live here, the house being fairly small but having a nice garden and view to make up for that flaw. Overall the house has a cosy atmosphere and offers a pool and some relaxation areas for the branch itself. The house also has a small garage way in which it can only hold up to around two cars, but that shouldn't be a problem for the Street Thugs, as they always find a way.

[image coming soon]

Task Force House.

The Task-Force is the main security force for the crew, and that means giving them a nice present to thank them for their hard work. This house is nearly one of the largest and offers a brilliant view of Los Santos's downtown area. With a large pool for the men to keep fit and a small gym it makes nicely for what the Task Force need. A large garage way hosts up to five vehicles, even more if they're not Insurgents.


Motorcycle Club House

With the Motorcycle Club running all kinds of drugs and doing all sorts of nasty work, it's only fair if we give them a decent house too. This house hosts a large pool and around two balconies to really give them that sunset view of the Los Santos skyline. The garage way can hold many bikes and if the motorcycle club wants to host a big old party, well they can do it here!



If you're interested, message me on the social club and we'll speak to you about joining. No requirements at all, just gotta be chill and can role-play good!

My Social Club: ----Hawk----

Edited by BZY_banditos
added RSC link

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