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Best crew missions and event suggestions?

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Hi all,


Im wanting to do work, missions and events with my crew, but MC only holds 8 people, and CEO only 4, and most GTA missions hold 4 to 6 people.


Any one know of any missions I can do with 10+ people?


Besides freemode obviously.


Also, I'm looking for ideas for events to hold for my crew, we already have some but are looking for more.



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We have weekly playlists with mixed jobs, usually 8-16 jobs and 10-20 players joining. About 7-10 each week in different timezones. Sometimes they are themed.


We also have weekly crew challenges, can be anything that can be measured really.


But then we also do other types of event every now and then. For example:

  • Endurance racing
  • Freeroam takeovers
  • Panto parties
  • Air and Monstertruck shows
  • Crew battles
  • Freeroam scavanger hunts in teams (collect stuff/vehicles from around the map and bring back)
  • Whacky races night
  • Sessions to test new creations.

I hope that can give you some ideas.

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Thanks man



For the past 3 weeks we have been doing 16 job custom playlists and had 12+ each time, deathmatches and races,and lately bike meets and car meets, I like some of your ideas I will add to our events, especially monster trucks and panto parties lol


Im currently thinking of other ideas for costume meetups on the yacht, last weekend the theme was movie characters and stuff like that, but I will run out of ideas soon lol


Thanks for the suggestions Ill definitely add them

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Hi cprize :)

Some of the R* game modes really limit you on numbers, we put on regular event night like Domestic Battery does but most of ours are based around cars.

There are lots of free roam games you can play, either make use of the free roam challenges R* provides or make up your own, we play manhunt, prison break, KING. These are all games with our own rules, in manhunt one player hunts down the prey. Each time the prey is killed they join the hunter, all prey have radar off and hunters have radar on. KING is just a fetch quest game in free roam... Or just make up your own.

Don't forget creator as well, you can create themed Deathmatches and captures, unique races and all sorts. If you want to keep your crew busy in a game this old you will need a few content creators in the crew. We often run playlist with every job tailor made to fit the night. A great example of this are the Top Gear nights we run at VANS and the Star Wars night Domestic Battery are cutrrently running.

We all have plenty of jobs ready to go just browse and use whatever you like. :)

Here is a vid from our annual James Bond night for some inspiration.


Edited by JuniorChubb

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Thanks for the ideas JuniorChubb! 007 looks cool, looks like a real fun day with your crew


What's Star Wars night? Curious to see what goes on haha


We held a Bully (Cnais Canem Edit) theme, we all dressed up as school boys met at the school/university and got into a bus lol


I have been searching jobs on rockstar social but haven't found any really good ones yet, still looking around, any suggestions of what to type in search bar? Thanks appreciate the ideas!

Edited by cprize

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