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PSA - PC Players - Risk of fraud, rank & outfit manipulation

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1 hour ago, Gaffa said:

Well I gotta say that's the first I've EVER heard of that, and I used to be one of the switched on moderators over at Menyoo before they were forced to close down. 


You're jumping to a conclusion by saying "that's how I lost three accounts", as I've stayed in touch with people who, even if they'll get banned, they just buy a new account, change their IP via VPN and then keep on at it. 


I thought that kinda stuff was bull too, but it happened to me

I did use a menu on one of them recently, a completely different one at the beginning of the year on another one and the last one was completely untouched and just bought two days before the ban

There were no menu files present after the first ban, neither in AppData nor in the game folder, where the only non-normal stuff was (and is) Reshade

The thing I changed before I got banned was my DNS server to and it got all of these accounts banned over the span of 2 weeks and I didn't change my IP in that timeframe

My last account didn't get banned after I changed the IP and switched the DNS server back to the standard one and neither have the others after they got unbanned (and recovered back up)

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Posted (edited)

I highly doubt they are banning IP addresses.

First of all; there are billions and billions of ipv6 addresses available (in fact, each human on earth would be able to have around 8 billion), same goes for getting a VPN.
Second of all, I don't think they are even allowed to just ban an IP address based on cheat detection from that IP, it's juridically more complex I think; a IP could be shared with a lot of devices and what not.

They could start banning hardware ID but without a client-side anti-cheat kernel driver to grab the ID's (ID's like storage device, motherboard etc) directly from the Windows Kernel they would need to use the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) process which is really easy to spoof.

Final thing, they cannot just ban another totally unlinked account just because they have the same IP (and Hardware ID) (not without them changing ban and terms of service policy for sure), games that do have Hardware ID and IP banning also don't do that from my understanding. At least games like Fortnite (yes, I need to mention it in here) isn't actually banning the account if found using the same IP and/or Hardware ID; the server just kicks the player from the lobby; changing PC and IP and the account works.

Edited by Thijsie

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On 7/4/2018 at 3:33 AM, flexcreator said:

Yeah, the 25 EUR menu that didn't even managed to launch properly, had idiotic support and was never "detected" according to authors. Now the account is permabanned. 

Nice investment, I guess.


Their site chat is currently empty, lol. People have nothing to say regarding the situation.

Never detected ay? I always find a satisfying level of amusement in some of the sales pitches some of these so-called devs come up with after covering their tail.






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Hey guys i just got banned after accepting the new terms of service.. it said so directly in the launcher, i'm a legit player with level 780 and over 3000 hours of playtime.. i already opened a ticket and now waiting.. also i saw a dude hacking the last time i was online, and i mysteriously got kicked out of gta online in that session (which hackers did to me several times before) but not with a ban!.

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Ive been playing today and came across a 'hacker' this morning who blew up my sell. I agreed to the new terms of service 20 minutes ago. So far so good on my side *fingers crossed*. 

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Last time I logged in, this thread was facing false bans, and here we are again, months later, same deal. It's like instead of doing any real sh*t and fix up their crap anti-cheat, R* say f*ck it and just cop out and leave it to an algorithm, thus lots of people get banned, innocences mostly.


Now it's that and someone's cracked their system open. f*ck me. These clowns couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery. So glad I kicked this game nearly a year ago.

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Similar to Ari here, happened on the same day. After accepting those new terms of service I played as usual in the morning. Later played some Skyrim and removed a shadowremover mod from that game ( I installed that one on the day before my main account was banned :blink:). Later wanted to play GTA again and now even my second account got a 30day ban with reset.


Stuff I did was Lamar playlists and during the last 2 weeks special cargo bikerstuff and bunkerwith friends and alone. And daily objectives ofc.


Also played Act I and II finals once with them to get the bonus money for the first time.

Edited by mrgstrings

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