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New Psn friends


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I'm looking for more friends to complete missions and heist with on the PS3 for now. I got my new gen after the character transfer deadline and just don't really feel like starting all the way over yet. Just be 18+, have a headset, don't mod/cheat, anything else is irrelevant. Don't care about level, rank, any of that. Just players who enjoy the game and down to make big money moves.

Psn: king_pnut912

R* https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pnut912

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I may not be on often, but if want to, you could add me (send a friend request, include "Heist".)


I don't have a mic, but I don't mind a little pre op plan on some of the set ups. I've done them all, (I think?) and some I handle ok, some not so much... but played enough times, with enough players to understand some statregies are helpful.


As long as other players are mature, not goof around, and mic abusers... I generally will stay and re try untill it's done.


Also, if you want to try something new, I have a few created missions I need people to help test it out... But it's fine of you want to stick with just heist...



psn: richard42

Edited by richard42
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I am on at least a few nights a week between 7-11pm Central time. I have a mic but have only used it once a long time ago so I'd have to figure it out again before I use it.


PSN: Soultrypp

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ill help you do missions and heists but i dont have a mic.


PSN: markgabby

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