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GTAForums Weekly - Issue 4


Recommended Posts




Week of April 2nd - April 8th






Hello, and welcome to the fourth issue of GTAForums Weekly! Plenty has happened since our last issue, notably the forum April Fools joke which was disguised as an announcement for staff applications. During the prank, notorious member Diana McFarland was "given" moderation powers and was placed in the GTAF Series Staff group. Later in the day, the account was banned, and that ended this year's gag.



In other news, @Mach1bud was recently promoted to the rank of GTA Series Staff! We wish him luck for the future.



Mach1bud has also

posted the fourth Weekly Vehicle Showdown poll in the News section, pitting the Pegassi Tempesta against the Benefactor Panto.




posted the second edition of "Looking Back" which focuses on GTA related announcements and releases from the past few years. This month's issue is focused specifically on things that happened within the month of April.



is now the host of Snapmatic Spotlight: Custom Rides & Garages, which has a pretty self explanatory title. You can view the newest edition





cut the ribbon on the GTANet Database subforum located in the Rockstar Games section. It will act as an "all you need to know" regarding GTA and other Rockstar titles. He further added that anyone could contribute to the database by using the Revisions and Discussions board.




posted a topic about the addition of Turismo Classic in GTA Online. It made it's debut on Tuesday morning and it's already a hit among the community. Weighing in at a reasonable $705k, this new sports classic provides satisfaction to many.



GTAForums currently has a total of 14,719,722 posts (+13,043 from last week) and 701,313 members (+472 from last week) at the time this is being posted.






Rockstar Central - Week 4

Welcome to the fourth week of the Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

Grand Theft Auto

Beginning with pressing issues, the severe bug that affected the handling of the Infernus Classic and many, many other cars has been fixed this Wednesday, as Rockstar launched a platform-wide patch! Nothing else changed in this patch other than this.

The Turismo Classic has been released to GTA Online, as well. A sleek and smooth design, it does it's 3D era GTA counterpart some justice. It’s available for 705K GTA$ at Legendary Motorsport, a pretty attractive price compared to other vehicles. Drool over it here at GTAForums.

As is rule every week, Rockstar has provided us with another slew of GTA Online bonuses and discounts! This week, you can get 25% off:

-Yachts! The Aquarius, Pisces and Orion yachts.

-The Nagasaki Dinghy

-Bulletproof Tyres, Suspensions and Resprays

-All Ammo!

No new adversary modes this week; however, Rockstar is offering double GTA$ and RP on the Resurrection adversary mode, as they are in all regular non-Special Stunt Races! Get your cunning stunts on this week!

This week’s premium races are as follows:

-“Bumblebee” (April 4 - 10): Locked to the Rocket Voltic

-“Tube Rider” (April 11 - 17): Locked to the Ruiner 2000

...and time trials which you can find spread around the Freemode world:

-“Route 68” (April 6 - 10)

-“LSIA” (April 11 - 17)

A slightly disappointing event week for some, but hey, if you still don’t have a yacht, you can get one now! Who doesn’t want a whole yacht just for them? ...or for the GTA Online players in Hydras that might visit you for… a cup of coffee..

Red Dead Redemption 2

Following last week’s Scorpio marketing materials report, every cowboy-to-be in the Red Dead section and around the Internet were somewhat expecting something this Thursday, as EuroGamer had the exclusive reveal on the Scorpio’s hardware specs and a few pictures taken within Microsoft’s games. No Red Dead there, but we still have the “confirmation” RDR2 is probably coming to the Xbox Scorpio though. You can check out DigitalFoundry’s reveal

GameInformer’s May cover was… Hellblade! Another month without Red Dead, another month where emotions rise, as people fear a delay more and more. But relax, we’re not there yet! At least I hope. And please let info come before E3 because… That’s still quite some time from now.

You can join us in despair discussing Red Dead Redemption 2 here.





Are you a heist pro? Fancy speed-running every heist to get the legendary Elite Challenge bonus and getting yourself on a leaderboard? This one is for you!

Created in 2015 by Rorxy, based on a concept by the GTAF member Katy Perry, this thread is about completing the GTA V Heist Elite Challenges in the fastest time possible to get a place on the leaderboards. According to Rorxy himself, “Each team will present their fastest time on any of the five heists for a shot at glory on the Elite Challenge Leaderboards”. Every platform is accepted, and there are leaderboards for each of the generations: You can find the leaderboards for each platform within the main post of their topic.

By following a small set of rules, that include not using glitches and wallhacks and such things that can influence your time, your team will be able to partake in this challenge. Can you be the best team? Prove your robbery skills and beat everyone else in the Elite Challenge Leaderboards!

Best of luck to all teams, some competition in there already, and a great concept! Every try is worth millions if you can beat the game’s “stock” Elite Challenges!

Another week, more GTA Online bonuses and less Red Dead news… We’ll be back next week to see what awaits us. As always, suggestions are welcome!




Welcome back to Snaps of the Week! If you're a newcomer, this segment focuses on showcasing some of the greatest Snapmatic shots of the week. Each week, we'll pick some of our favorite snaps posted on the forum and feature them here.




























































GTA Online



Grand Theft Auto Series









Welcome to the second issue of Blast from the Past! This segment aims to shine a light on how things used to be many years ago on GTAForums. We'll dig up old content from the "glorious" days of GTAF and provide it here to give newer users a chance to look back and experience it all.



This week we bring you a look back at the legendary GTA Myriad Islands Project. This project was the first GTA Vice City total conversion mod that added a whole new map, vehicles, surroundings, and changed every aspect to give you the feeling of a new game over Vice City and then later San Andreas.







The development project was started by Illspirit back in October 2003. The aim was to replace GTA Vice City by the two islands. These islands were gradually built up by volunteers within the GTAForums community. The team later to switched to GTA San Andreas to provide more features and a better engine.



The first public release for Vice City was made available October 2nd, 2003, with illspirit providing a base portion, which carried the build number "0.02". By November 26th, the modification was renamed to "Myriad Islands", and a dedicated subforum was created under the Hosted Mods section.



The Myriad Islands used a unique system of model development as the game map was divided into different bits. Each of the parts could be designed after their developers in terms of name or so. The development ceased around late 2009 when the main developers retired from the modding scene.



Popular Myraid Islands developers include Barton Waterduck, BenMillard, ceedj, DieselGT, Gforce, GT-1, illispirit, Knife, REspawn, and many more. The developers even had their own member group on the forum called the "Myraid City Council".






We've got quite the treat for our readers this week, as we've landed an interview with the one and only @Yan2295



unbid: What made you join GTAForums?

Yan2295: I'm honestly not sure, that was 5 years ago already. But I guess it was just normal for a big GTA / Rockstar fan to join the biggest GTA community on the internet

U: How did you create your username?

Y: I use the same username pretty much everywhere. I first used it around 15 years ago and just kept using it. It's also not original at all, it's just my name + my birth day and year.

U: How were you able to get the leaks for future GTA Online content?

Y: It all started with the GTA Online Heists, when the files for it were obtained by some people 2 days early. I remember the first thing I actually leaked about it was the size of the update. Then the madness happened with all the images. Then there was the Lowriders update, including the Halloween surprise (2015) that was uploaded to the Rockstar servers almost a full day early (and before you ask, no I didn't get access to the servers myself, someone else created a tool for us (mainly me and Fun) back then. Of course, this tool doesn't exist anymore). Obviously, there was some small leaks in between, like tunables stuff for example.

Then the real fun started, totally randomly, when some guy messaged me like "Hey, I got infos about the next update". I was pretty skeptical of what he was saying, so I didn't talk about the stuff he was telling me before a few months, when I was sure he was completely legit. For the rest of the story, well it's pretty easy. He tells me what he knows, he tells me what I'm allowed to share and what I'm not allowed to share, then I decide what to post. Of course, it's always a risk, especially with dates, since Rockstar often change stuff last minute, and sadly many people don't understand that, so even if I say a thousand times that it may change, people will still call me fake even though I got plenty of stuff right before.

And while I'm at it, for those people who constantly say that I never get anything right, please make some research. There's quite a lot of things I leaked early that were spot on. Sure, some others were not spot on, and a few were not right at all, but I've never "faked" anything for attention or whatever. I'm not in this community for that. I don't gain anything from leaking infos (except for Twitter followers, but in the end, that doesn't give me anything). I do it because I have the chance to get some information early, and since Rockstar's communication is almost inexistent, it's great to give the fans what they want; infos on upcoming content.

U: Do you think R* will give you any warnings for leaking the next game update content?

Y: Rockstar never said anything about my leaks, and I made it clear to them several times that if they ever get tired of them, they can simply send me an email or a Twitter DM to tell me to stop posting leaks or whatever they would want, and I would happily do what they say. Sure, I post leaks, but I'm still a big Rockstar fan and I still have a lot of respect for them, and even though leaks might seem disrespectful, if they don't say anything I just assume they're ok with that. And judging by what I heard, I actually believe they're ok with my leaks, probably because I'm not being an asshole (unlike someone else).

U: What has your experience been like in regards to you being one of the most notorious content leaker for GTA Online?

Y: A lot of bad things, actually. People taking everything I say as confirmed, people thinking everything I say is a hint, people being mad at me every time there's a detail that's wrong even though all the rest of the leak was right, people constantly saying I'm fake, never got anything right and only do this for attention. It really gets annoying. As I said above, I don't gain anything from this, I do it by passion, but getting sh*t in return is not fun. It's pretty much why I'm getting pickier with what I share, if I decide to share anything about X subject.

Don't get me wrong though, there's some amazing moments too. For example, when I post something that's pretty big and also that's not even debatable. The excitement of the people on Twitter and here on the forums, them thanking me for the info, etc. is an amazing feeling.

U: What do you think about the current condition of the Online section?

Y: I don't spend as much time on here as I used to, mainly because I just have less and less free time and I gotta have priorities, but I guess it's not bad. Sure, there's the usual trolls and the retards, but it's still great to see a community being so active even though GTA V was released 3,5 years ago (already!).

U: Have you been interested in joining any GTAForums groups? If so, which one?

Y: I'm technically part of the GTAForums crew, even though I'm not in their forums' group. Other than that, not really, but if you have any suggestion, go ahead.

U: Which forum member do you feel the closest to?

Y: . We're both Admins on GTANF, we've known each other for years now, and we talk daily. If the question was about members who are actually active here, then it would be Kirsty. That crazy cat lady is a sweet person, I like her (but dogs > cats).

U: What's your favorite thing about the forums?

Y: Its history. Some cool things happened on these forums. For example, I'm thinking about the whole history of the hot coffee discovery, the crazy stories of deepthroatgta4, the fact that Rockstar Toronto actually created an account here to help people out because the PC port of IV was so bad, the few times Rockstar themselves "leaked" stuff here with some random accounts, etc. I'm surely forgetting some cool stuff, but you get the point.

U: If you were admin for a day, what would you do?

Y: Ban Derin. Then unban him to ban him again. I would probably have a look at the hidden forums too, hehe.

U: What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series? Why?

Y: Series has to be GTA. These games are why I became such a fan of Rockstar. But my favorite game from Rockstar is not even a GTA, it's Red Dead Redemption (it's also my favorite videogame in general). This game is a masterpiece. I didn't spend as much time roaming around in RDR than I did with GTA games, but the story and the characters were just so good, and I'm not even talking about the music and the general atmosphere of the game.

U: Finally, tell us about yourself as a person. Any favorite hobbies, music, etc?

Y: I like video games, especially those by Rockstar Games. Oh wait, you already know that. Honestly, I don't see anything interesting to say here. I'm just a normal guy living in the cold Canada, doing whatever humans do. I also like to keep my personal life separated from my "online life" :p




George Harrison - My Sweet Lord






Released on November 1970 in the US and later on January 1971, "My Sweet Lord" was the first single of George Harrison's third solo album, the first one after the breakup of The Beatles. It was written in praise of the Hindu god Hare Krishna, but at the same time as a call to abandon religious sectarianism with the blending of chants like "hallelujah" and Vedic prayer. The song was a chart-topper in 1971, and later rose back into popularity after Harrison's death in 2001.



Album: All Things Must Pass



Genre: Folk Rock



Release Date: November 23, 1970



Label: Apple



Writer(s): George Harrison






- Editor & Publisher, Topics of the Week, Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News, Blast from the Past



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



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A nice issue just like usual, it's cool to see those Snaps of the Week too. I really like the snapmatic that Raspy made. Hopefully more people are interested in taking more snapmatics because it can be really fun doing it.

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Enjoyed the snaps and the information of this weeks article. Domo~




U: Which forum member do you feel the closest to?
Y: BenDeR_. We're both Admins on GTANF, we've known each other for years now, and we talk daily. If the question was about members who are actually active here, then it would be Kirsty. That crazy cat lady is a sweet person, I like her (but dogs > cats).



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Good interview again. Overall really great issue. Looking forwards to next week.

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Jampacked issue this week I see! Great work guys you've been busy.


Some interesting little tidbits from our Yan there ;)

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