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Engines and Maintenance Topic

Recommended Posts


Been getting into engines lately. More vids than actual nut and bolts, but regardless.


I intend this topic, not only as an appreciation of motors in general (Aero, Vehicular, Oddball or otherwise), but also as an advice thread. If you have general or specific queries about engines and their maintenance please feel free to post.


Equally if you have a general maintenance query feel free to ask. If you have something interesting, be it a bit of knowledge or a vidor article, please post it. :)



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The first engine i saved was that of a Fiat Panda and i was 14 years old. #SaveThePanda.


It had a leaking headgasket and the thing was one big mushy mesh on the inside. Looked like someone puked into the engine. I was surprised it was still working after replacing the headgasket. The deal was if i fixed it, my brother would let me learn and drive the old sh*tstain around. So thats how i learned driving. Shifting gears was like a box of chocolates. You never knew what you where gonna get.


Kind of how i went riding/repairing bikes as well. Rode around about 3 years without a licence. Then once i got a licence for about a week, i got pulled over for no reason.

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Edited by K1FFLOM

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Given he was 14 and it needed saving, doubt it was a new one.

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Edited by K1FFLOM

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I'm 27 years old^ and it was the old one alright.


Here it is, made a photo of an old photo i found in an old album:



Good ol days. Just thinking of it makes me feel old. Been so long.

I like the old Panda's more then the newer ones though, these days the panda's look just weird. Nowdays i have a Punto daily driver which i really like. Sure it doesn't have much power, but it gets the job done.

Edited by HeavyDuke

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Edited by K1FFLOM

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My dad's 2005 Ford Fiesta had quite an interesting problem a few months back: one of the hot air pipes for the heater started leaking hot air into the thermostat, tricking it into thinking the engine was overheating all the time, so the car was acting like the engine was melting but when you opened the hood it was all about normal. He had to replace the pipe and the thermostat itself just in case it got damaged because of the heat.


Another weird problem with that car: the buoy on the fuel tank that monitors how much fuel is left cracked open, gasoline entered it and it sunk to the bottom of the tank, so the car always showed it was out of fuel.

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Well, here's a dump of some engine work I had done on my Porsche a year ago.


This was after it had stopped running and before I had gotten it drive-able.









As you can see, it was pretty messy down there. The engine needed a thorough cleaning, if anything.








This was also before I found out what the transmission issue was.

Originally I was planning on pulling it and rebuilding the trans, but I ended up not having to.












Also found out that the tie rod ends were bad, and quickly corrected the issue.






Cleaned off the top of the block, and replaced the gaskets.






Replaced the distributor cap, rotor, and all the wires.





The fuel pump was... probably the original one from the factory, to be honest. It was awful.








Next up was the fuel lines, which were old and brittle which caused leaks.


It's far from perfect, and far from done, but I'm currently stockpiling money to go at it some more in the future...

Edited by Rewdalf

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