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Mister Pink

Michael Palin & Travel Shows In General

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Mister Pink

Been watching Michael Palin's travel Full Circle. For those of you familiar with Monty Python, yes, that Michael Michael Palin. Although the show is dated, it's aged well because a lot of the places he visits go untouched and aren't really affected too badly by modernity.


For example, I'm watching him in Japan right now where he meets apprentices training for the Taiko drumming group. Out of the about 8 carefully chosen apprentices only 2 will be chosesn. They train for a year, don't drink or smoke, live in a house together in "almost monastic conditions" and run 10K every day. That discipline is just amazing.


Anyway Palin is very engaging, often charming, curious and generally pleasant. He's got a great on-screen presence. He's like the quintessential travel presenter. I'm a huge fan of Monty Python and it's great to see him do this.


Travel shows are a great escapism if you like travelling and seeing new places aren't able to travel any time soon.




If anyone follows Karl Pilkington's adventures, they paired him up with Michael Palin. One being a mentaller and the anti-traveler and the other a complete traveler. Makes for good viewing but only if you are familiar with Karl, mostly.




Been watching Anthony Bourdain's show too which is on Netflix. I find him really enjoyable. Like the American version of Michael Palin but with more food! :D


Any of you like travel shows? Anyone watching Michael Palin, Karl Pilkington or Anthony Bourdain? Would you recommend anyone or a show?

Edited by Mister Pink
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The Time Ranger

I haven't actually seen much of Michael Palin despite his popularity, must check out his stuff, recently I watched Joanna Lumley's Japan which was quite good. She's very easy to listen to and is very respectful of the culture, the series gave a nice overview of Japan, from nature to culture and social issues. I'd watch another series by her.

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Mister Pink

Nice one, I'll give her a watch. Anything on Japan is usually quite interesting and it sounds kinda weird her doing a show like that.


Yeah give Palin a watch. He just seems like a lovely dude.


If you have Netflix (or not), give Anthony Bourdain a go too.



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Evil empire

I love the travel shows and there are some I regularly watch on TV.

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I enjoy Michael Palin's travel things as he adds a touch of humor to it.

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