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Grand Theft Auto: Looking Back...April


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Nine Years Ago:

GTA IV Released!


Welcome To Liberty City.

Midnight: 29th April 2008.

GTA fans queued in gaming stores, cash in hand, eager and excited for one of the most anticipated adventures in video game history.

Some pre-ordered, some took their chance in the queue but for everyone, it was a sleepless night and a distracted day as we immersed ourselves in the tough, gritty world of Niko Bellic, the immense urban landscape of Liberty City and the most realistic and breathtaking narrative we had ever seen in GTA history.


It had been almost two years since the game was first announced but to GTA FAns the wait was worth every second...GTA IV was here at last!


April 29th 2008 saw GTA IV sales of $310 million: yes that was in one day alone...!


Four Years Ago:

Grand Theft Auto V:

Michael. Franklin. Trevor. Trailer released.

"Well, they're here! And that means it's time to really get to know our three protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin".

Published on 30 Apr 2013, The "Michael. Franklin. Trevor." trailer was the third to be released by Rockstar and showcases the lives and lifestyles of the three protagonists.

We already knew that there would be three playable characters but this trailer was the first to really show their lives and backgrounds.

The Songs are:

Michael: Queen - Radio Ga Ga.

Franklin: Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It.

Trevor: Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.



Two Years Ago:

GTA V Released on PC


After a long, long rollercoaster ride of hope and disappointment, GTA V was finally released for PC on 14th of April 2015, five months after the game was re-released for the new generation consoles. The PC release date was originally scheduled to coincide with the 'New Gen' console platforms but was delayed to enable extra development time. This caused despair and disillusionment amongst PC gamers who feared that the PC release was never going to happen. Tempers flared on the Forums as angry gamers felt that they were being ignored and neglected and so it was with delight and relief that the PC platform game hit the shelves at last.


And.... Sixteen Years Ago:

GTA Forums Opened!


GTA Forums opened for business in April 2001 as a sister site to the news portal GTANet and in anticipation for the release of GTA III.

Unfortunately a server crash seven months after launch caused a prolonged outage and when the forum returned using new technology, the data from the original forum was lost forever.

One year later, the Forum was renamed GTA3 Forums and you can see the archived announcement (reformatted in the current forum skin) here.


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You forgot to say that 10 years ago, on April 1st, I, the one and only BenDeR_, registered on GTAForums.


Not even an April Fool.

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GTA IV 9 years ago? GTAForums is basically nearly an adult? Where are our lives going...


This is crazy stuff. April has obviously been a important time for us in the past. Nice summary this month :^:

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The GTA series since 1997 from the release of SA 2005 is now cult hit.

Rockstar energy filled history, many now are eagerly waiting for the latest release for the new GTA anthology.

Edited by Toreno6901
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