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A problem that i had with three copies of LCS (PSP)

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I have searched for this all over google but it seems that im alone with this problem, do note that i do no longer have LCS anymore (yes both copies) and the psps.


Years ago when psp still was a thing to have as a handheld, I played lcs on my psp, the game ran completely fine, all the way up until i reached some missions in the second city.


What started happening is that anything that wasnt a pedestrian or a car would stop loading, the world would start to look like one big giant mirror and the background would start repeating textures from pedestrians and cars, most of the time it looked gray and it looked like the ground and the rest of the world was just reflecting the sky, this issue would not go away, even when i restarted the game, 5 minutes later it starts to happen again. However the problem would stop if i just decided to start the game from scratch, again the same thing happens after getting some missions in the area that opens up.


This happened to me on two psps, a fat one and a slim one and with not 1, or 2, but three copies! at the time i didnt have internet or another friend that also owned the game to talk so i was kinda alone on this. I also searched this up on google to see if anyone else had this problem, but all i find is people talking about different kind of glitches that doesn't break their entire game atleast after they restart.


I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that also had these problems and was there anyway to fix them? because from the looks of it, its not a widespread problem and people seemed to have played the game just fine.

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Lennart -

I never had this problem with my ps vita but this is interesting. Can you show us a video how this "deload land" looks like? Maybe this problem occurs because you are using a version of the game which doesnt work with the language you are pllaying on.

Does it look like this:

https://youtu.be/xIpcVKPdvKw ?

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