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NOoSE Brute Boxville

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NOoSE Brute Boxville

The mod has been released!! Click me to download now

I just wanted to return the boxville from the beta.

In one of the beta screens of GTA IV, a boxville with some police lights can be seen in the background. Sadly, the lightbar isn't visible at all. It looks like the lightbar the NOoSE Stockade uses, although I wasn't sure. I went with it anyways and now there's the NOoSE Brute Boxville. It isn't done yet and it won't be this week as it needs quite some tweaks here and there.

The mod will be released in just one variant:

-NOoSE Brute Boxville-

*Read this!*

This model won't be locked as it is still "Rockstar Games's" model. However this does NOT mean it's allowed to upload it anywhere else.

If you want to use the NOoSE Brute Boxville for a certain pack, please PM me.

*This is a list of things I've gotta do. After every major change the Maverick will be tested ingame. Bugs will also be mentioned in this post.*

Changing color-scheme and add NOoSE Stockade decals - WIP

Add lightbar - DONE

Add some new fancy cop wheels - DONE

Change handling, vehicles and color file - DROPPED

Add police computer - DROPPED

Add pushbar - DROPPED

Fix invincible windows and invisible wall - WIP

Change to Boxville animation when using vehicle (hands clip through steeringwheel) - WIP

*Bugs that appear during development will be posted here.*

-Invincible windows, game crash when shooting from the inside.

*Known bugs or issues.*

seat issues/wrong animation

Released - v1.1

Click here to download

WIP pictures (Updated: 3th of April 2017 at 0:24 CET)



Final release pictures (Updated: 3th of April 2017 at 20:38 CET)



Edited by BrownieBear
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Good, but a remove the graffiti and add the livery.

Edited by Alex Wollas
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The graffiti is just a leftover which has been removed already. The livery isn't on the vehicle but I might release just two versions. One with NOoSE and without.

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Shouldn't you try to finish that LCPD Willard you made a thread for a while ago? Or is that one cancelled for this?

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Glad you asked universetwisters and sorry for the late reply. Yes I should and most of it is finished, but it's on hold just like the Maverick. I just want to finish it the way it really is finished and fully functional.

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You probably should finish your other stuff before jumping around to several ones you may or may not finish, just sayin

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Trust me, I am finishing all my mods. It's on hold due to some mapping stuff and ingame bugs. I am defenitly Not jumping around to several ones. These were just simple ones that have been released now. I still work on the Maverick and still work on the LCPD Willard.

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