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Beneficial Effects You Can Keep From Missions?


Recommended Posts

Edit: To be clear, I mean keeping long term and unintended to be keepable by Rockstar.




An example is this:




Some missions lower the friction of train tracks for non-trains for their entire duration.

If you load a save or start a new game, then the friction stays.




Another example is taxi warps in VC - they also stay when loading a safe so you can warp by saving, loading some old savegame that has a mission near your destination, starting that mission, then loading your new savegame and dying. That is not too helpful, though. ^^



I'm interested in everything, even the most useless stuff.




Edit: Another example is that failing Blood Bowl due to the timer running out lets you keep the one free death - you keep weapons [if you have a parachute as you die then it will be "broken" and you need to save&load to fix it].



I am also interested if the effect can only be kept with glitches. For example, if you start Taxi Driver while Mountain Cloud Boys is running you keep the "ignored by cops" effect until mission_cleanup (which runs at the end of every mission). Some effects might be keepable for longer, though.


Applications are also interesting. I am mainly interested in speedrunning strategies but anything is welcome.

Edited by Patrick1994
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Getting Barbara's & Katy's benefits, and having them hold over to the next game(s) by overwriting the saves instead of deletating them.

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The pimping mission will reduce the aggression level of Ballas so they no longer shoot CJ on site. This change can be saved.


New no wanted level exploit: Use OM0 to exit an airliner flight as it takes off and blow up the plane with a mini-gun. CJ won't be able to earn a wanted level until a save is loaded - or another mission tweaks the setting, probably. This is a fairly new exploit we stumbled across while experimenting with collecting special vehicles using the airliner exploit. As far as I know, no one has spent much time experimenting with or looking for applications of this new trick.


Start a new game during Are You Going to SF and Truth's crops will be active until the mission is completed.


I think the Free Respray setting will carry over from the memory of an old game as well.


The extinguishers in fast food joints and sniper rifle near the Crop Duster on the hill south of the SF airport are added through IPL files and don't work when a new save is created after loading a previous save. IPL pickups respawn in 45 seconds rather than 6 minutes, which makes stockpiling ammo a lot quicker. I guess this doesn't really count as a mission though. I got distracted my carry-over glitches caused by missions.


You can harden a police vehicle with tons of extra health by repeating easy levels of vigilante. Vehicle health is lost in a save garage, but isn't reduced by a PnS.


The Ammu-nation challenge doubles ammo is some weapons, but everyone knows that.


The Ammu-nation challenge will take all ammo from a pump-action shotgun.(I don't like having so much ammo that the clip count disappears.)


Bloodbowl will take all ammo from a Micro-SMG or Tec-9.

Edited by OrionSR
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As far as I know, no one has spent much time experimenting with or looking for applications of this new trick.


Actually... it's used in speedruns to be able to answer calls in LV while technically not having it unlocked because of duping Toreno's Last Flight, which unlocks Monster, skipping Yay Ka Boom-Boom and all of Woozie missions. And because YKBB isnt done the game thinks you didn't unlock LV, and that's where this trick goes to play.

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Toggling the Pimping mission will set CJ's Broadway equal to 200% engine health, even if it's on fire. Unfortunately, popped tires are not repaired.


The NRG used to trigger the NRG Challenge will be set to 300% normal health. Handy for 4-star exploration and long stunting trips.


Toggling the Vigilante mission will make the vehicle's tires pop proof. This property persists after the mission but can't be saved in a garage.


Dating Katie, Barbara or Michelle at the start of the game will leave the fast food joints unlocked even though the dates always fail right away. This provides easy access to food and fat to people working on master/starter saves.

Edited by OrionSR
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If you finish (or fail) duped Drive-by, you permanently get 0 stars. I don't, however, know if there is a way to get rid of this effect.

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If you finish (or fail) duped Drive-by, you permanently get 0 stars. I don't, however, know if there is a way to get rid of this effect.

Many missions cancel this. Just Business sets the max wanted level back to 4.


It's much more reliable to do the airport exploit.

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