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Vapid Stanier Unmarked

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Vapid Stanier Unmarked

The mod has been released!! Click me to download now

I didn't like the FIB Buffalo. So I turned the table and now it's a little more classic.

I have been working on a Vapid Stanier Unmarked (NON-ELS) for Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto IV: EFLC. It's working perfectly fine and has been tested in every single situation which all turned out GREAT! The car has learned to drown, explode, catch bullets, drive into electricity poles, peds, crash into buildings with a speed up mod, fly, stay, change colors, break windows from both sides, broke the small sirens and waaaaay more. BUT! The mod MAY contain some awesome sh*tty bugs. Although I haven't ran into them yet which is both good and bad. I don't like releasing a mod filled with bugs, or even just one. So please tell me (when it's released) if it contains any bugs. The known bugs or issues are mentioned below.

The mod will be released in just one variant:

-Vapid Stanier Unmarked-

*Read this!*

This model won't be locked as it is still "Rockstar Games's" model. However this does NOT mean it's allowed to upload it anywhere else.

If you want to use the Beta Maverick for a certain pack, please PM me.

*This is a list of things I've gotta do. After every major change the Maverick will be tested ingame. Bugs will also be mentioned in this post.*

Changing color-scheme and remove cop car decals - DONE

Remove main light-bar and add FIB Buffalo sirens - DONE

Change handling and color file - DONE

Check wether the little computer inside the cop car still works. - DONE

*Bugs that appear during development will be posted here.*


*Known bugs or issues.*

The grill of the vehicle won't bend when driving into a pole or some sort. This is a main issue that's also visible on the taxi and the police variant of the Stanier. (This will NOT be fixed)

Releasing - v1.0

Click here to download

WIP pictures (Updated: 29th of March 2017 at 17:50 CET)




Edited by BrownieBear

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I would suggest adding some lights in the back too, just like the regular FIB Buffalo, and maybe removing the spotlight. Besides that it looks really neat.

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Yes I have been planning the lights on the back too but I love the spotlight too much xD I'll add it as an extra vehicle component. But thanks :D

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