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undead paramedic


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I was on a killing spree when and anbulance come to revive  

those those fallen. so i killed them too and blew up there  

truck. then i jumped on top of it and then their was another

ambulance on the way so i took out my rifle and kept

shooting the windshield to kill the driver. when i killed the

driver he didnt fall out but the paramedic in the back of

the truck fell out while the truck was still moving fast and

he land next to me. i look down at him and he had no head.

I was like woooow!!! Then all of a sudden his headless body

gets up off the floor and shoot blood out his neck then falls

back on the floor and finally dies!!!! wow now that is pretty

darn freaky :O  :devil:



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lol. Its like his body didnt know he was dead.


 "Ok, off to save some lives"

 "Oh, am I dead?"

 "Damn, I am dead."

 "Well, I guess I better fall on the ground."



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Yeah its cool, heres how ya do it:


Go upto a car that is stoping at the taffic lights then go to the passenger side and get out the colt M4 or sniper rifle then shoot him in the head and as soon as you do that get in his car and drive foward a little so you can see his body and he will get up withought a head and fall back down  :D

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i did this before and its funny.  zomies would going to take over the world.....if they knew how to walk lol  :D

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haha yeh i got kinda confused with that, killed some people and looked back and they got up... :dontgetit:

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