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The Weekly Vehicle Showdown Week 3


The Weekly Vehicle Showdown  

91 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will come out on top this week?

    • Pegassi Tempesta
    • Imponte Dukes

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Welcome to the third week of a forum game called the Weekly Vehicle Showdown. In this game, vehicles face off against each other in a forum poll. At the end of the week, the winner is crowned. The reign is short lived however, the following week, a random vehicle will be selected
to face off against the current champion. We will keep going until we cover every vehicle in GTA V and GTA Online, and have one overall champion. In the thread feel free to
discuss the positives and negatives of each vehicle, your opinions, facts, videos, pictures, whatever you like to strengthen your argument for why the vehicle you are voting
for deserves to win, and the other does not.

If you post mulitiple photos or videos of any vehicle, use spoiler tags.
Do not go off topic. Discuss only the vehicles being voted on.
Be respectful of other peoples opinions.
Do not cheat; creating multiple accounts to vote, etc.

Do not vote based on the photos in the OP.

This is not a Snapmatic competition.
Have fun!

Pegassi Tempesta


The new kid on the block, the Pegassi Tempesta showed up one day and

never ever left. Immediately overshadowing it's cousin the Reaper, it took Los Santos

by storm as the new must have super car. Does it have enough in it to overshadow our

current champion?


Imponte Dukes
The Reigning Champion


The Dukes, an American classic. 750 horsepower of raw muscle. This long standing favorite
of the Los Santos population has made it's presence known from coast to coast
as the the muscle car to beat. Can it come out on top this time?

May the best vehicle win.

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Is this really a question?






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I suspect this week will be much closer than the 1st two weeks.

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Rockstar MUST make a Deluxo for GTA 5. I don't care about any other vehicle.

That is all well and good, but this thread is not the place for that disscusion.

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Classic nut me, gotta be the Dukes in this discussion.

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Idk it is awfully close this week!!!

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Visually, they are both great looking. However, I'm old school and while the Tempesta is a sweet little ride, the lore of the Dukes would win me over.

I voted Dukes.

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Its soo close!! The Tempesta is in the lead!!

Edited by Mach1bud
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Even if I love the Dukes, The tempesta have my vote. The Tempesta is a perfect mix between the Lotus Elan (the front.) and the Lamborghini Asterion for the back.
I've seen the Lotus Elan in france during a "Salon de l'auto" in Paris with his 5 sister, all concept car that where never release. And there were my favorite car of all the salon. So, my vote go for for huhe car that have the same front look that my favorite car of the salon ;)

And it drive very well! ;)

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Surprising results so far this week! Don't fret Dukes fans, there is still a couple days left!

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shame the Dukes is behind but i guess all these little kids would rather have sleek and fast instead of good looking and loud

Tempesta is both good looking and loud, so you played yourself.


Also Tempesta has unique sounds instead of "Generic Car Sounds Set", that Dukes has (and Dominator, Vigero and Phoenix)...


Not hatin' on ol' Dukes, but IMO Tempesta is much more beautiful.






Edited by APCgames100
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Man it could go either way between now and tomorrow.

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I'm quite new here in this section. Can we take photos from older games like GTA San Andreas?

I couldn't understood the topic clearly.

Choose the car that you prefer, of the two on the poll above.

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Tempesta is one of the gazillion supercars released last year to satisfy all the 12 year olds playing GTAO who can't even think about anything else. Sad to see it winning against the Dukes.

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I choose the Dukes.


Fine American horsepower you can trust and also fix on your own.

The Tempesta looks just ugly and I'm sure its just full of complex electric you are not able to understand.

Also at a street fight or race war Dukes gotta get the job done.

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Of course i choose the most beautiful, classy and nicest ride ...




Tempesta can be more faster and popular among the new players, but it don't have the charm of a true classic.





Edited by DuduLima
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It is cheap for being so fast, it has loads of mods, and is a good looking pegassi.

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