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What is your favorite mission in Gta Vice City?

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Rub Out, Death Row, Phnom Penh '86, The Job, Guardian Angels and Cop Land. Hard to choose Vice City had fun missions all the way.

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As @GhettoJesussaid, Vice City had alot of cool and amazing missions, and it's hard to choose which mission is the best or favorite 

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Top 3


Rub out 

Keep your friends close 

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Did you know that u can use minigun in the mission phen... 86 by using nuttertools

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I liked Loose Ends. Fighting through all the dudes with loads of different weapons, and then escaping in the Maverick at the end. Just really fun.

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The Top 3 are obviously The Job, Rub Out and Keep Your Friends Close. I think it would be one of the 3.


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Guardian Angels.

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Bank robbery 

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Posted (edited)

In the beginning...: Sonny Forelli explaining the plot of the game with his goons while "Broken Wings" is playing in the background is easily one of the most memorable cutscenes in GTA. Then there's the botched drug deal, Vic's first appearance, and then the first time experience of driving that pink Faggio to the hotel while "Billie Jean" is on the radio. I think VC had the best introduction as it really sets the tone of the game.


The Party/Back Alley Brawl: To me this is really just one mission split up into two segments. Tommy is introduced to both the good and bad parts of Vice City and like the previous mission continues to set the vibe and shows us what we're gonna be getting into.


The Chase/Phnom Penh 86': Another mission split into two segments. It was fun chasing the wannabe Shark across the rooftops and the ensuing assault on their turf afterwards was even funner, and Prawn Island and it's creepy abandoned mansions is probably my favorite part of Vice City.


Rub Out: This is tied with "Keep Your Friends Close" but I like this mission more because Lance is still on our side and it was nice to see him avenge his brother. It gives major Scarface vibes, with Diaz checking the cameras and readying his M4, and then dramatically being killed at the end. I also like how this mission sets up the second half of the game, which is basically taking over the city and succeeding where Diaz had failed. I remember when I first played this, I thought this would be the final mission and it was a nice surprise to find out that the game's story still continued.

Edited by VenusianDream
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Cutter De Blanc

I like that mission where someone is basically like, "Tommy's not a badass" and then Tommys like, "Oh yeah? be back in five minutes" and then you have to go smash up the mall

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