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What's the maximum score you can get in a dance?

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I'm trying to get a completely ultimate save file, and this means I'm maxing out everything, doing everything that you can possibly do, etc. This includes getting the highest possible score in a dance.


What is the maximum score for a dance?

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In the "Record Book" topic the

Highest Score in Dance Challenge: appears to be 11630


That's just the highest anyone has achieved, not the highest actually possible. Since the last move CJ did in that screenshot was only "Good", there is still room for improvement in that score of 11,630.


I think besides Players skill the speed of the CPU may affect the score.

How? The scores given aren't based on timings, are they? As long as you hit it perfectly, you'll get the highest amount of points. I don't think having a different CPU clock speed would affect this, but San Andreas can surprise you sometimes, so I might be wrong. Does anyone else have information on this?

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You can softlock it to get the max which is a bunch of nines - 999,999 IIRC. You cannot pass it then, though. ^^



The minigame runs at 8 FPS from 2^20 seconds (~12 days) of OS uptime onwards, 16 FPS at 2^19 (~6 days).


Notice how it becomes more laggy around 12 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes and 16 seconds of up time. That's because 12*86400+3*3600+16*60+16=1048576, which is 2^20.




So, reboot every couple of days. ^^


There is a slim chance that you can line it up: if the song runs at a multiple of 16 beats per second so that the check is always performed on a beat.

Edited by Patrick1994

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His question was what the highest possible legitimate score could you get assuming you don't use cheats/glitches.

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