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Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob or Softail Slim

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Helloooooooo everyone. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to get a motorcycle. I am extremely passionate about motorcycles and riding and want to buy my first motorcycle as soon as possible. I bounced around brands for awhile, between HD, Honda, and Victory but settled on HD. The reason I decided to go with HD is that I spent a long while looking at just about every cruiser I could find and had just given up hope until I came across two bikes, both by Harley-Davidson; the Dyna Street Bob and the Softail Slim. When I saw these bikes, it just sort of "clicked", if you know what I mean. I saw those bikes and it just clicked, I knew that those bikes were for me, exactly what I had been looking for. Problem is, I have to decide between the two and that's where I'm stuck. I absolutely love the look of both bikes and both seem to perform very well (except with the Dyna having a better lean angle and not scraping pegs/boards like the Slim does). I really just can't settle on which on I want. When I get my motorcycle license I'll surely test ride both to see how they ride, but I wanted some input from any fellow riders out there if you happen to own or have ridden either the street bob or the softail slim that could help me decide. Thanks!

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Seen both IRL but never made a ride on them, both look and sound good though. I would simply look which one you can get for a better deal.

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Yeah, I plan to test ride both before make a final decision. As of right now I'm leaning more towards the Softail Slim. If I end up with the Slim, gonna put a new exhaust on it (most likely V&H Big Shots or Big Radius) and then some form of ape hangers (not gangster apes though, apes that go to about shoulder height like they do on the Sportster '72 or the street bob) and then just black out as much as I can on the bike

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