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What shows would like to see revived?

Homemade Dynamite

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Homemade Dynamite

I was thinking about this after the return of Samurai Jack on [adult swim] and the announcement of Young Justice Season 3, possibly on Netflix. What shows would you like to see come back from the dead, and perhaps made better than ever?


In keeping with the animation theme, I would like Teen Titans to come back, preferably on Netflix with full creative control allowing for darker content (but obviously not to an extreme extent, just enough that it feels like it's grown up with its audience and will allow them to explore different stories not held back by censorship). Also, no, I am not counting Teen Titans Go! because that show is an overexposed disgraced to the original, and it wasn't even made by the original creators. If Teen Titans could still be considered alive, it's a walking corpse. I'm talking about a continuation of the original show, not a black comedy series that fails at being funny.


I've also been waiting for Highschool of the Dead Season 2 forever now. Apparently it's been greenlit, but they can't make it until Daisuke Sato makes more content. Sadly, there hasn't been a single new chapter in four years (and that was coming off a two year hiatus, so basically one chapter in six years). I wish they could just continue the anime without the writer at this point, because he's clearly not doing anything and yet refuses to simply announce that the series is over. If Daisuke Sato would be willing to pull a George Lucas and pass the torch to other talented writers, and give the series to Netflix, that would be a dream come true.


What about you guys, what shows that got unfairly axed would you like to see come back to life?

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I agree with you on Teen Titans, that show was the sh*t. Teen Titans Go! is just plain sh*t.


I'd love to see another revival of Celebrity Deathmatch, the first attempt sucked. The first season(of the revival) was okay, but the second season was just awful. Poorly written, and some of the fatalities were just laughable.(Killed by paparazzi flashes? Really?) It was going to be rebooted, but it was canceled. :/

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Prison Break is getting renewed after all. Always wanted to see it back. Apart from Dallas, Buffy and Mob City would make great shows for being revived.

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I obviously agree on Teen Titans, that was an amazing show, way better than Teen Titans Go! (if only Cartoon Network would stop airing that show every day...)


I would like for Danny Phantom to make a return, it got unfair treatment from Nickelodeon around 2006, when the third season started to air, which wasn't as good as the first two (didn't help that one of the main writers, Steve Marmel, got fired from Nickelodeon, and then he moved on be a producer on Family Guy, amongst other things), and the finale "Phantom Planet" was very dissapointing. The show was recently featured in a crossover promo for Bunsen is a Beast, another Nicktoon made by Butch Hartman (as if three shows weren't enough already), so why not give Danny Phantom another season or a few movies, probably on Netflix with full creative control allowing for darker content (but obviously not to an extreme extent, just enough that it feels like it's grown up with its audience and will allow them to explore different stories not held back by censorship), giving it a TV-14 rating? Perhaps even an episode where Danny and others go to an alternate future (obviously inspired by Butch Hartman's video where he drew the main cast of Danny Phantom if they were 10 years older), and the finale should feature Danny fighting against Dark Danny. Or maybe revive the show in comic book form (not unlike Invader Zim).

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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Back when it was on, I got into Kyle XY. Not the best show, I admit but I'd still like to at least see what was going to happen. It just left me hanging. Can't stand it.

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It's too late now but I've always been bummed that Deadwood, Carnival and Farscape were canceled. At least we might be getting a Deadwood movie in the near future. And it would be nice to see another show based on Farscape. That world has so much to offer and sci-fi is in right now.

Edited by The Yokel
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damn show was comfy as f*ck





f*cking cliffhanger season finale and its gets canceled

Edited by CrysisAverted
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Wildboyz. That show was great, it was pretty informative for how f*cking hilarious it was. I haven't gotten a good laugh out of a TV show ever since.


I actually did a presentation on this animal in high school... It was so hard trying to keep a straight face:


Edited by Sir Michael
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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

That was the difinitive Marvel show.


It was the best Avengers show of all time.

Disney then cancelled it to replace it with Avengers Assemble, the worst Avengers show of all time.


(I know there's only like 3 total. But the former was fantastic while the latter is pure garbage).

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Mission Hill that show was funny It's a shame it only had like 13 episodes before it ended up getting cancelled. I wonder if it could still work today though because a lot of it relied on being set in the 90's.


Code Monkeys I loved that show too much. Probably the last good show on G4 before that network went to sh*t when they didn't renew it for a third season gee I wonder why G4 isn't around anymore.


Teen Titans I've come to accepting how the show

. But I just want one more season of that show so we can all forget about Teen Tians go. Edited by Zello
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TMNT 2003.


Everything about this show was perfection from the animation to the action to the music to the humour.

Edited by Donatello
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  • 5 weeks later...

Though this ain't gonna happen in a million years, i would like more of this show:



f*cking delicious pipe dream though....

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I'm just gutted it never got a proper finale. I hate it when shows just kind of...*end* with a whimper.

Well it went further into the nbtas and batman beyond and justice league tv shows in a way.


But the amazing quality of the animation style and the stories...i just would love more of it.

Heart of ice...best animated episode ever.

Edited by Darth Absentis
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