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Which storyline moment is most unrealistic?

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Hmmm nice bike
11 minutes ago, Algonquin Assassin said:

Fair point, but since the mission can play out differently she doesn't always walk into the office. I favour the stealth approach which is the most disctrete for this reason. The best thing she'd be able to be in that case is a material witness. She wasn't in Goldberg's office when the murder took place.


There are other points to consider too. Did Niko leave any or his DNA behind? footprints? fingerprints? All I see is circumstanial evidence, but very little that can prove beyond doubt with actual, hard wired forensics.

True, if you stab Goldberg then she doesn't walk in, and Niko can just walk out the door (or if you break the window, you can jump out since it's only on the second floor).


Besides security footage being the key thing that would prevent most of the protagonists in the modern titles from doing what they do in public (due to how often they'd be on camera, I'm sure the mission "Final Destination" would be another one since the train station would likely have cameras that would clearly show Niko shooting Kenny Petrovic and his bodyguards), forensic evidence is another possibility. Of course, Niko would actually have to have his DNA and fingerprints in the police database, not just his name and a description. If they actually got his fingerprints or if one of his hairs came off and they found it, they'd actually have to find Niko to be able to match it up.

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Luis surviving after the plane explosion in Departure Time



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