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Ever seen these?


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1) That surfboard billboard ramp loopty-loop thing at the airport. You know.  I decided to take an ambulance up that biiiatch.  I got stuck upside-down...really stuck.  I could only move the tires.  I could've stayed all day up there but I jumped out and landed below....of course I blasted it with a rocket launcher.


2)That ramp behind the Greesy Chopper or whatever the harley bike shop is called.  I ramped a police car on that ramp and ditched it in mid-air.  It stayed in mid-air.  Frozen....of course I blasted it with a rocket launcher.


3)unlimmited Ammo for that min-gun.  I call it the "Jesse Ventura Gun" (from The Predetor.)  Just do the 3rd weapons code all kinds and you'll notice the number of ammo for that gun dissapears and you have unlimmited.  (Does that work on any other gunz?)


4)Cops acting like blood hungry sharks.  Go to the airport.  Go to that lot with the big parked plane (the lot you use to gain speed to hit the billboard ramp) Get a few stars.  Go to that parked plane and you'll notice the road below.  The cops try to ramp up that part and they look like hungry sharks tyring to bite you cuz they don't make it up.  Well, I've seen the Swat Vans, or "big boys" as I call them make it....of course I blasted them with a rocket launcher.


5) A money bonus for staying on two left or two right tires.  I saw this hittin side-to-side with my Voodoo lowrider.


6) A cop driving with you on the passenger side.........and one in the backseat!! No bullsh.... Ditch em and send em swimmin.


7) Cops peeling out.  You probably know this, but to burn some serious rubber in ANY vehicle, just simply hold reverse and gas at the same time. ( move the joystick for added effects)  Well I seen a cop doing this in the middle of the street.  He was trying to get un-stuck in an alley, I ramed him....and it happened.  Rocket launcher.


8)Bill Clinton saying "I'm too rich to die." .......rocket launcher.

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sounds like some random glitches... and you have an unhealthy obsession with rocket launchers.



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nice, funny random glitchs, thank you for sharing



i don't like the flamethrower in vice. it's to bulky and uncomfortable to look at. It also eats up ammo faster and has a smaller area than the one in GTA3. THAT flamethrower was awesome. It is my favourite weapon out of any GTA.

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flamethrower doesnt eat ammo. the chaingun eats ammo! jesus! but my all-time favourite weapon is... colt python. i love using this to cap hatians. stupid hatians. i go to get my zebra cab from kaffman cabs and two hatian gangs are after me. i cap them all using this weapon and i have two stars on my self for self-defence!

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I like lighting homeless people on fire.



The colt python kills with one shot which can be useful but for the most part is boring, not to mention you can't run and shoot. I like the shot guns...not that you can run with them either but Tommy looks cool when he smacks the gun into someones chin and then shoots them as they fall to the floor.

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hhahhaah hell yea.


Na, my favorite gun of all time was in GTA2....the electricity gun!  WHY DIDN'T THEY BRING IT BACK???


Where's my AK???

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Okkkk...... :wtf:


Back on topic then eh? Nice finds I guess. :)


Just remember this isn't a favourite weapon topic. ;)


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