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Uncle Sikee Atric

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Thread

Recommended Posts


Upcoming plans for PUBG been announced, probably in part because a bunch of vocal c*nts on reddit kept bringing up Fortnite but eh, good to know what's coming. Overview of sh*t if you haven't seen it.


*New map(s). Pretty sure this is the smaller map that was rumoured waaaaaaaaaaay back before even Miramar was announced. Going to drop on test servers next month so it isn't too far away. There's also another normal size (8kmx8km) map in development but that's further off.



*Emotes: Already some up on the test server. Don't mind the idea in general but don't want any OTT ones. classics like flippin the bird welcome

*New game modes: No details other than they're working on sh*t.

*New vehicles coming in the first half of the year. No details on what they are yet.

*New weapons and attachments. FN FAL sneak peak (see below). Hoping it's a world spawn but most likely end up being a crate drop



*Achievements, In-game friends list and squad chat in main menu. Most of these seem for the PC version but might be useful for console.

*Parachute and weapon skins are coming at some point. We CSGO now

*New ballistics sh*t with limb and vehicle penetration. Didn't really go into detail as to wtf that actually means moving forward though.

*Overhauling first and third person animations, as well adding new ones for things like getting into vehicles.

*Overhauling the parachute system to make it not sh*t.

*Armed and unarmed melee combat improvements.

*General stability, optimization improvements ETC

*Sound: New vehicle sounds, like suspension, skidding and different surfaces (esp with weather). More distinct gun sounds depending on POV. Later on, more distinct sounds depending on what the player is doing & wearing. Breathing sounds and sh*t.

*Esports stuff. Anyone care about this? heh

*Custom games. Not much to say here other than there's still no plans for it to hit the general public.

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Some of the potential skins have been datamined already, here. All seem pretty low res though so it's hard to say if they'd even look good in game.


Anyway, since they seem set on heading in this direction, I hope they opt for a more Battlefield and less CSGO approach to skin design. Focusing on nice camo pattern skins instead of 'fancy' designs, I mean.

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Those skins are god awful. A few of the silver ones on classic firearms look ok. But there are rarely any games I like weapon skins, they almost always either have awful camo designs with a texture that makes it look like it is christmas wrapping paper, or the whole gun dipped in one color looking like a kid scribbled all over it with a marker. Medal of Honor Warfighter had some good skins, just subtle solid colors like olive drab, tan, grey, etc, but in a way that it still had a load of wear and scratches on it so it looked like it was legit painted. I can't stand the clean look of weapon skins.


Some of the outfits are ok, but still not too many that are really good. Hopefully they follow H1Z1 and allow us to skin armor and bags, so we assign a preferred skin type to an item and it auto equips it as that skin ingame. Seeing as there are armor skins and bag skins in that also, they might likely do this. We really do need a way to just choose the crate we want to buy though. It is pretty BS getting some pay to unlock crate when you have no intention of paying to unlock it. It really is a waste of my time.

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Posted (edited)

Hey, so the game launched on mobile devices apparently and I'm downloading it right now onto my phone. However, I still own a tablet that I haven't touched in years and I can't find it on the tablet's store page. I'd love to try it on a bigger screen than my phone's.


Could anyone find a full list of compatible mobile devices? I couldn't find anything on google.


Holy sh*t I finished second on my first game with 4 kills. It plays surprisingly well on a smartphone!!

Edited by fashion

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Gutted m8



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Holy sh*t I finished second on my first game with 4 kills. It plays surprisingly well on a smartphone!!

I've been meaning to bump this thread with a "yay" for the mobile. Thanks Dad(autocorrect for Daz, but im laving it) for the unrelated bump.


I'm playing on a tablet and I'm way better than PC or Xbox.

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Does it have controller support yet? I could move around but none of my buttons worked, I think I would rather cut my gooleys off than play PUBG with a touch screen.


In other news, just had the silliest fight of all time. Literally just taunting this one squad, jumping over their shotgun shells.



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I can't bring myself to connect a controller to a phone or tablet...it just seems so unnatural.


Yeah, I hate mobile controls. They will forever suck balls. They did pull off a seperate head look really well with the mobile controls. Being able to look independent of body movement direction is a beautiful thing.

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Game is getting thoroughly review bombed on Steam in the wake of the announcement and subsequent release of the Sanhok event pass. And it's hard to disagree that it isn't entirely deserved because this all feels like something straight out of the worst of EA's or Activision's playbook.


*Everyone has access to the pass features, can level up and get the cosmetics etc, which is nice I suppose. But then you're shelling out $10 to essentially keep said cosmetics after the event ends (and thus all the pass gets you).

*Don't want to do the missions to level up your pass? Bluehole have got you covered; increase it by 5 levels for a fiver!

*They're also offering 2 different sets of cosmetics each, for $15 a pop, if you don't want to level your pass up to earn them.

*A good deal of the cosmetics you can earn from the event are already available fin their premium crates anyway.


I'm not one who is ordinarirly against cosmetics or even the idea of these limited time passes but this offering is just straight garbage, especially when there's still a number of the game needs before anything like this.

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Posted (edited)

I agree with you, its quite bullsh*t.


I wouldn't have an issue with it if the items were even remotely good. I only really want about 3 of the items and even then none of them are worth $10 for. I would rather spend that $10 on the marketplace buying items I actually want. I really think the timed items thing are stupid. Even if I unlock one I wouldn't even want to wear it knowing it will be ripped off my back someday. The major issue for me, not just the lack of decent items, but the fact that if you don't buy the pass (I didn't) it is near impossible to unlock anything because 80% of all challenges are pass only, meaning that you can't even get the XP unless you paid for it. I have been playing every day since it came out and I am only half way through level 2. My mate already has 20+ levels because of all the boosters and sh*t he gets with the premium pass. There are items to unlock without paying, but guess what? You will probably need to complete every challenge and every daily challenge for the entire month in order to even get close to it. I haven't even got a single reward yet. It is complete sh*t.


Just the sheer quality of the items are trash. There is an event coming up that if you book tickets you get all this awesome gear, and all of it, even each item single handedly sh*ts on everything in the pass.


It is stuff like this we need more of, not these f*cking stupid as f*ck female beach clothes or outfits to become a male stripper. Where are all the actually cool outfits? All exclusive for early adopters, events and streamers.


Bullsh*t I tell thee.


Much like this shotgun kill I got, I mean wtf range?



Edited by Daz

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