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ElPatron036's Fanmade Content in GTA V

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Alright, so here you will see my fanmade GTA V Missions, Lifeinvader Posts, Strangers and Freaks, Random Events, Updates etc.



I feel like posting my first one:


Mission Name: Biker Shootoff


For: Franklin Clinton


Given to: Franklin Clinton


Unlocked after: Derailed


[Mission starts at 3671 Whispymound Drive Safehouse]


[Franklin's Door Rings]

Go to the door

[Franklin opens the door as it is Lamar who wears a white tank top with sand cargo shorts]


Franklin: Not you again!
Lamar: I thought we're homies fool! What you got on that grip?

Franklin: Man! I want to see Sandy Shores, seeing my homies.

Lamar: Why aint they staying here in Los Santos?


Franklin: Some rich Mexican-ass dude wants to rip their nuts off!

Lamar: Martin Madrazo?! Why?

Franklin: Shut up fool! T just kidnapped the dude's bitch! Pack your stuff! We're leaving!

Lamar: Great idea Einstein! I just woke up in my new Zentorno! [Then Lamar shows Franklin his Really Green Zentorno]

Franklin: Man f*ck you!

[Franklin and Lamar enters the Zentorno as Lamar is driving and they drive away with West Coast Classics on as the cutscene fades out and fades to Trevor's Trailer in Sandy Shores]

[Ron walks to the Zentorno as West Coast Classics is still playing]

Ron: Nice car you... Oh, it's you, and who is that next to you?

Lamar: Don't mind about it crazy trenchbelly! We were just here to see our homies!


Ron: Alright! But watch out! There are crazy people around there! And they might steal your ride!

Franklin: Dudes right, get this sh*t inside!

[Lamar drives the car into the Trailer Garage and they step out the car and Franklin, Lamar and Ron enter the trailer, seeing Michael and Patricia chatting to each other]

Patricia: Hey kids!

Michael: Boys! I didn't expect you 2 here!

Franklin: Alright! Where's T at?

[suddenly Franklin gets a phone call from Martin Madrazo]


Martin: Franklin! I've expected you to come to Sandy Shores! You don't have to leave Los Santos, you're a good kid! But your friends! Are bad kids! Speaking of Trevor, some bikers decided to take care of him.

Franklin: What?! Nigga did you asked the Lost MC to creep him?

Martin: We'll! He toke my wife! [Martin hangs up]


Franklin: Lamar! We don't have time for this! Go go go!

[Michael, Franklin and Lamar runs out of the trailer]
Patricia: Don't act like a prankster gangster on your trip please!

Ron: Bye guys! I want a proper introduction with you two sometime!
[Cutscene ends]

Michael: Don't worry boys! I'll come with you! But with my own car

[Michael goes into his red car as Lamar and Franklin goes to Lamar's Zentorno, this time, Franklin driving]

[Martin will post a text message to Franklin saying: "Killing him wasn't a good idea though, I knew you were busy rescuing him, I'm sure he will bring Patricia back. :P"]


Follow Michael to the Lost MC hangout.

[During the trip Lamar and Franklin will have a chat]

Lamar: Who was that in the red car?

Franklin: Michael

Lamar: Even though I don't know him, he seems... We'll... creepy...

Franklin: He works with those feds, even though he isn't one.

[Then Michael calls Franklin and Franklin picks up]

Michael: Franklin, speakerphone, NOW!

[Franklin puts his phone on speaker]

Lamar: What you got now?

Michael: I got in a call with Lester, the bikers are torturing Trevor!

Franklin: sh*t! Full speed nigga! Full speed!

[Then Michael and Franklin decides to drive faster]

Lamar: Wooooooo! I am starting to enjoy this sh*t!


[Then they arrive at the hangout in Grapeseed]
A Random Biker: f*ck! It's them! They are coming for Trevor!

Find Trevor

[Then Lamar, Michael and Franklin are gunfighting with the Lost MC, you also can switch to Michael in the gunfight]

[During the gunfight, a biker is standing at a trailer with a Sniper Rifle]

Lamar: NIGGA! There is a sniper!

Take out the sniper

[Either Michael or Franklin takes out the sniper and either Franklin or Michael can go to Trevor who can be seen being assaulted with a Nightstick, either Franklin or Michael can kill the person torturing Trevor]

Trevor: (When Franklin rescues him) I knew you would come Frankenstein! Lamar's here with you too!

(When Michael rescues him): f*ck, that hurted much Mikey! Let's go!


[You can now switch to Trevor during the gunfight with the Lost MC now that Trevor is rescued]

Escape the hangout

[Franklin, Lamar, Michael and Trevor are gunfighting with the Lost MC to escape the hangout]

[After they escaped the hangout, it switched to Michael so Michael can take Trevor home and Franklin and Lamar are entering the Zentorno to drive away]

Take Trevor back to his trailer.

During the trip to the Trailer, Michael and Trevor are having a chat


Trevor: I knew you love me!

Michael: Don't even play! I just had to save your butt!

Trevor: But as friends right?

Michael: Aw come on!


Trevor: Oh! So you wanted me to get killed?

Michael: NO!
Trevor: Then you love me!

Michael: Shut the f*ck up Trevor!

Trevor: Okay okay!

[Then Michael and Trevor arrive at Trevor's Trailer]

Mission Passed.


Gold Medal Objectives:

Badass than Asuka - Kill the person that assaulted Trevor with a nightstick.


Fair Assistant - Get to the hangout without setting a waypoint.


Fanmade Lifeinvader Posts:


(After Paparazzo - The Sex Tape) Simeon Yetarian: "That Poppy Mitchell being smashed video changed my life!"


More coming soon I think so. :/




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What's a trenchbelly

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A made up name for people from Blaine County by me

Edited by ElPatron036

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Yeah uh so I made my return, to be honest, I think Franklin should had a Grass Roots where he had to do a survival so here's my version


Strangers and Freaks Name: Grass Roots - Franklin (Alternate Version)


For: Barry


Given to: Franklin Clinton


[Mission starts at Legion Square]


Barry: Sign here! Sign here!

Franklin: The f*ck's yo' problem?

Barry: To save the world for once and for all!

Franklin: So?

Barry: Weed doesn't deserve to be illegal, it's good for your heart, and for your soul, and for your lungs too.


Franklin: Man f*ck the legality, just go ahead and live your life, this sh*t ain't needed yo'

Barry: Well do you want to be arrested while you're smoking?

Franklin: Man you crazy, Lamar would be happy with this, just lemme' sign this sh*t so I can stay the f*ck away from yo' ass.


Barry: Before you sign? Could you please test it?

Franklin: [High pitched voice to mock Barry] "Ehhh could you please test it?" f*ck off, I tested it ages ago!

Barry: Just a retry?

Franklin: If that shuts yo' ass up, pass me.


[Barry gives Franklin the joint, and Franklin smokes it]


Barry: You feel something?

Franklin: Nah not ye...- [Franklin's vision and hearing suddenly become blurred and the world around him appears to be in a purplish haze]

Franklin: Man f*ck off! [Franklin turns around and sees a group of pirates]


Franklin: A f*ckin' chunk of pirates? What the f*ck?


[As the cutscene ends, during Franklin's hallucination sequence, the background music will be Sailing Over The Dogger Bank ]


Kill the pirates


[Franklin will wield a Railgun and will start shooting the pirates that are shooting Franklin]


Dialogues during the Shootout between Franklin against the Pirates:

Franklin: The f*ck's goin' on?!

Franklin: I don't feel so f*ckin' good!

Franklin: Nigga what are yo' bearded problems?

Franklin: I don't have any f*ckin' treasure! Stop botherin' me you stupid ass motherf*ckers!

Franklin: Go back to the f*ckin' sea dawg!

Franklin: I'll throw all your asses overboard.

Franklin: Time for you assholes to walk the plank!

Franklin: Can't you f*ckers leave me alone?

Franklin: I remember I used to play pirates with my homies when I was little! But not like f*ckin' this!

Franklin: You're on the wrong island!

Franklin: f*ck off!

Franklin: I don't give a sh*t if I'm being a potty mouth! I'll clip yo' booties!

Franklin: You're not intimidating me! Eat sh*t y'all!

Franklin: Motherf*ckin' pirates always botherin' me!

Franklin: Ugh... There it comes again... What the f*ck's happening.... My head.......... [Franklin then returns to 'reality']


Barry: So, how was it?

Franklin: sh*t man, that was some crazy shootout, glad it ain't the f*ckin' Ballas.

Barry: So uh, I got you some other jobs to do soon, we'll speak later, alright?

Franklin: Aigh' I'm cool. [Franklin then signs for the petition to legalize weed]


Mission Passed


Lifeinvader Posts:


Lamar: Franklin the f*ck was your problem in Legion Square you were yelling bullsh*t about pirates you need to get a doctor


Edited by ElPatron036

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Strangers and Freaks Name: Rap Manager - The Video Shoot


For: MC Clip


Given to: Michael


Requirements: Spare MC Clip in the mission Hood Safari.


Unlocked after: Hood Safari (If Franklin or Trevor spares MC Clip)


[When Michael goes to Grove Street, he sees a group of LSPD cars and police officers that are investigating the Grove Street shootout]

[Mission starts at the sewers in Davis where you can see MC Clip and the News Reporters and the girls that were used for MC Clip's music video and the LSPD]


MC Clip: This is f*ckin' ridiculous! Three f*ckin' assholes just jacked three of the sheasharks and one of the bitches that was going to be used for the music video just dissappeared outta' nowhere! (MC Clip refers to the girl that was taken away during the Seashark Escape in Hood Safari)

News Reporter: Alright could you describe the suspect?

MC Clip: Two gangbangers and one psycho man...

Michael: I saw all of this on TV!

Police Officer: Sir! You need to leave this area, we're currently investigating the shootout that recently happened.


MC Clip: Nah man, he's cool, just let him have a word with me.

Michael: So uh, what do you need?

MC Clip: Look man, I did mention that three f*ckers invaded my music video and took all 3 of my seasharks! And one of the bitches were on the seasharks but unfortunately dissappeared!

Michael: Look, I know it sucks that it happened, but maybe I can help you with something, what can I do?

MC Clip: What you can do? You can just go to Vespucci Beach and grab me a girl and three seasharks.

Michael: Uhhh... I don't know if I can get them 3 and a girl in once...

MC Clip: Nah homie! You can! In fact, they're hostin' a Seashark Race right there! Maybe if you could "borrow" the Seasharks? And what I saw in the commercial is some pretty girl with a nice ass! So maybe you should get her here too!

Michael: Alright.


Go to the Beach


[Michael then makes his way to the Beach, seeing a truck with three seasharks and the girl MC Clip mentioned, the host of the Seashark Race with a TV Camera]


Steal the Truck


Host: This is gonna be a great Seashark Race, we'll see who win!

[Michael makes his way in the truck, gets in, and the security starts shooting at Michael, with Michael having to escape]

Host: He's stealing the Seasharks! GET HIM

[Michael gets a 2 Star Wanted Level]


Lose the Cops.


[Michael loses the cops]



Michael: Listen sweetheart! You're going to work for MC Clip whenether you like it or NOT!

Girl: Get me out of the car!


Drive recklessly to scare the girl.


[Then the girl gets scared and gets convinced]


Girl: Alright! Alright! Just take me to MC Clip!


Go to the video shooting


[Michael reaches the video shooting at the Davis Sewers]


MC Clip: Ma' homie! You did pretty good mate! Ooooh damn, she looks like on TV! Anyway, I holla' at you later.


Mission Passed


Michael's New Contact: MC Clip




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