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Soooooo Close


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what else am i to do?...


ive completed everything....


i'm still looking 4 my last uniqe...

ive used walkthroughs... map on internet everthing...

cant find the damn thing..... trying to find one out of thirty six isnt very fun....

so once i do do it... it had better knock me upto 100%


here's me stats...






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Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Current Completion


Percentage Completed - 98%

Mission Attempts - 112

Playing Time - 39:54

Days Past In Game - 140

SafeHouse Visits - 178

Rampages Passed 35 of 35

Hidden Packages Found - 100 of 100

People You've Wasted - 1887

People Wasted By Others - 331

Road Vehichles Destroyed - 254

Boats Destroyed - 30

Planes & Helicopters Destroyed - 18

Tires Popped With GunFire - 141

Total Number Of Wanted Stars Obtained - 296

Total Number Of Wanted Stars Evaded - 197

Times Busted - 0

Hospital Visits - 0

Number of HeadShots - 83

Daily Police Spending - $79697.00

Least Favourite Gang - Cubans

Gang Members Wasted - 1128

Criminals Wasted - 84

Kg's of Explosives Used - 144

Bullets Fired- 11851

Bullets that Hit - 15852

Accuracy - 31%

Dist. Traveled on foot[miles] - 107.23

Dist. Traveled by Car [miles] - 569.14

Dist. Traveled by Bike [miles] - 413.54

Dist. Traveled by Boat [miles] - 11.91

Dist. Traveled by Golf Cart [miles] - 5.73

Dist. Traveled by Helicopter [miles] - 120.89

Total Distance Traveled [miles] - 1228.44

Max. INSANE Jump Dist. [m] - 87.00

Max. INSANE Jump Height [m] - 17.00

Max. INSANE Jump Flips [m] - 1

Unique Jumps Completed 35 out of 36

Max. INSANE Jump Rotation - 522*

Best INSANE Stunt So Far: Double insane stunt

Longest Wheelie Time [secs] - 40

Longest Wheelie Distance [m] - 3091.53

Longest Stoppie Time [secs] - 4

Longest Stoppie Distance [m] - 112.68

Longest 2 Wheels Time [secs] - 5

Longest 2 Wheeles Distance [m] - 68.39

Criminal Killed on Vigilante Mission - 78

Heighest Vigilante Mission Level - 12

Passengers Dropped Off - 101

Cash Made In Taxi - $98865.00

People Saved in Ambulance - 78

Heighest Paramedic Mission Level - 12

Total Fires Extinguished - 90

Fire Truck Mission Level - 13

Stores Knocked Off - 15 out of 15

Assassination Contracts Completed - 5 out of 5

Photo Graphs Taken - 3

Pizza's Delivered - 55

'Ice Cream' Sold - 101

Best Percentage Of Hits For Shooter - 62

Fastest Time on 'Alloy Wheels of Steel' - 1:39

Fastest Time on 'The Driver' - 2:11

Fastest Time in 'Dirt Ring' - 5:58

Fastest Time on RC Plane Race - 2:27

Fastest Time on RC Car Race - 2:27

Fastest time on RC Helicopter Pickup - 7:00

Fastest Time on 'Terminal Velocity' - 0:52

Fastest Time on 'Ocean Drive' - 1:10

Fastest Time on 'Border Run' - 1:30

Fastest Time on 'Capital Cruise' 1:46

Fastest Time on 'Tour!' - 2:28

Fastest Time on 'V.C. Endurance' 4:31

Fastest Time on Downtown Chopper Checkpoint - 3:16

Fastest Time on Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint - 1:53

Fastest Tme on Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint - 1:56

Fastest Time on Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint - 2:16

Fastest Time on PCJ Playground - 1:42

Fastest Time on "Trial By Dirt" - 2:09

Fastest Time on "Test Track" - 2:41

Fastest Time for 'Cone Crazy' - 0:43

Fastest Time on Checkpoint Charlie - 2:24

Heighest Score For Shooter - 62

Heighest Score With Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball - 12

Number Of Drug Deals Made - 101

Hotring Best Result - 1

Fastest Time in Hotring - 4:09

Fastest Lap Time in Hotring - 15:00

Flight Hours - 0.05

                  Fly Boy

Longest Time in Blood Ring [secs] - 120

Fishes Fed - 0

Seagulls Sniped - 2

Most Favorite Radio Station - FLASH FM

Lease Favorite Radio Station -WAVE 103

Sprayings - 56

Weapons Budget - $41200.00

Fashion Budget - $1730.00

Property Budget - $441500.00

Auto Repaire and Painting Budget - $4800.00

Property Destroyed - $1152669.00

Property Owned - 15

                       The Malibu

                       Print Works

                       Film Studio

                       Ice Cream Factory

                       Car Showroom

                       Taxi Company

                       Boat Yard

                       Pole Position Club

                  3321 Vice Point

                  Links View Apartment

                  El Swanko Casa

                 1102 Washington Street

                 Ocean Heights Apartment

                 Skumole Shack

                 Hyman Condo

Heighest Media Attention - 283

                                    Local TV 3am



Criminal Rating :   Fixer [4325]



Any tips 4 the shotting range?

to get 45?

im having a lil bit of trouble...

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Have you ever thought of using the Search button?  :/

You took my saying man!  :*(

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mmmmm this shooter stuff int fair... 35 cant get to 45....

how does the scoreing system work?


my best accuracy is 91%... this aint fair


every now and the i can get the shoot= score to 37 /38....

but how on earth do i get 45?

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well people im now at 99%! YEA

i had to do the shooting range thingo..

and now i have fast reload... :p

now im a quest to find my last god damn unique jump :p

and i want to find it fast!


i want this game finished...


i have about 11 PS2 games and i have only finished like 4 of them to the extent of 100%

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I know what you mean. I started a new game to complet vice without cheats, without getting busted or wasted. you know, the big perfect stats routine. I got to 99% and had 1 hidden package and 1 unique jump to do. I found the hidden packages but got frustrated with the unique jump that i said stuff it and went back to my already done 100% stat on my other savegame. The problem is even if you have got the right jump it might not register because you have done something slightly wrong. and you think that jumps already been completed and go through all the other ones and end up back where you started right back at 99%


For the next gTa they should have a numbering system for Unique jumps, hidden packages and rampages. so you could keep track of which SPECIFIC jumps you haven't done.

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well this isnt fair...

man thats a good idea but ya see i need that numbering thing now not in the next one now :p lol


atleast i think i have the general island of which it is on

im thinking it is on the east island because in the back of my mind somewhere it is showing me these images of jumps i just have to put 2 + 2 together and i hope i will have it


so far ive gone over and over the jumps in the west island so now i have to go back to the east island and do them over and over again


i think that when it's doing the slow motion thing there should be like a purple tick in a bottom corner resembling completion


geee how handy that would be..


i havent finished the game yet but when i do "SAVE!" lol

then have a small party


"yea yea i finished it i finished it yea yea ! im awsome im awsome"




i just hope i find this last jump b4 i go crazy


awell atleast i know what im going 4 now (one uniqe)

and there isnt nething else that i ahve to do like the extremely bs shooting range thing... ive never had som many mission attempts against any mission b4 lol


awell thanks everyone once i hish the game i will write my stats out in full so that anyone else that gets stuck can view it and say "oooooo thats what i havent done b4 how do i...?



anyways cheers fellas 4 all ur help :p

lets just hop[e this last jump will be found! soon  :cool:

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Most Favorite Radio Station - FLASH FM

Lease Favorite Radio Station -WAVE 103

oh look

that's my fav radio station too

just saying...


:music:  "Oh the night, is my world..."

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