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HippieDLC idea

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So I sent this to rockstar's mail as a suggestion and I was just wondering what the GTA community thinks about my idea. (please tell me if this is the wrong place to post this)

"So I was just thinking about this awesome DLC that I really want.

It's like a Hippie DLC with a bunch of new veichles and clothes, like these 60s round glasses and hippie pants and nice headbands and tie dye t-shirts and more. I also wanna be able to trim my Surfer Van in Benny's with awesome peace signs and flowers and more seats in the van and colorful liveries and stickers on the windows and just general Hippie style paintings. Also facepaints and colorful weaponskins. Just typical "hippiestuff", Please take a moment and think about my idea, I think it would be really cool and I am pretty sure it will be really popular!! // A Grand Theft Auto Lover :p
Be sure to reply with an answer too... :D"

So what do you think guys? I think it is a good idea, just think about it traveling with your friends in a Camper Van! Awesome right?

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But that would be too small of an idea to be an DLC for gta online. More stuff would be better. Isnt that the Hipster Update.

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Best way is to publish here and discuss alll, then add other wishes and only then send it to R*

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