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[PC][HPRC] High Power Racing Amateur Events, Open for all

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Welcome to High Power Racing Amateur Events


Saturday 25.03.2017 21:00 GMT


What is this?

This is a chance for new players or people just discovering racing to get started with racing in GTA Online.


Who can join?

Anyone who consider themselves an amateur at GTA Online racing, amateur beeing the key word.


What type of cars will be in these events?

Anything, but no customs. We will use vehicles provided by the game ONLY! Anything from golf karts to Supers depending on the tracks.


How long will an event last?

Approx 35 - 45 minutes.


What tracks will we race on?

Different tracks compiled into playlists, normally lap races of less than 1 minute per lap or point to point of around 2 minutes.

<<Watch this space for the different tracks we use>>


What are the rules?



If you signed up and joined, stay until the end of the event.

Race Clean, all these events will be "full contact" and rules apply, you should take time and follow the below links to learn how to race properly.

In game Vsync ON!

No off-road tires on "street cars" or on street/blacktop races.


Will there be "scoring"?

Yes, results will be recorded and a leaderboard wil be published both for individuals and crew.


How do i sign up?

Reply to this thread with the following info:

Social Club Name

Crew (if any)

Add me (hookitandbookit) as a friend in SC so i can send invites to the event.


Follow this link to get an idea on how to race "clean":


Follow this link to learn about racing in GTA Online, you are required to atleast read the Level 0 - Racing Rookie secion before joining this event:



Above links with permission NODO, Nonchalant Dominance.


:lol: We hope to see YOU there!! :lol:

Edited by hookitandbookit

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