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[Help Needed] Mapping and 3D Modelling (3ds Max, Tutorials, Informatio

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Hello guys!

My name is GR33N. I am a 3D/2D designer and recently I've been dying for a chance to recreate Vice City's map (buildings, foliage, roads, ect.), but in glamorous high-poly, detailed goodness.
And here's where to problems start to arise.

I've worked with 3DS Max 2012 for a while now, so I can say that I'm capable enough to be able to create and update models. So I decided to give it a shot!

But the problems just kept piling up + I couldn't find any decent guides on mapping or 3D modelling and using Kam's Scripts anywhere!
Some of the problems:


1) I don't know how to properly import GTA's building textures (since its a multi-texture) + nobody explains it anywhere (or I'm stupid and can't find it!)


2) Exporting them is a whole other issue mainly because buildings are getting misplaced with the wrong size + they have no textures and also have wrong collisions after replacing the .dff file in gta3.img


3) When I try to create LOD files, they simply don't disappear when you get close to them which of course makes the game laggy and introduces flickering at long distances

(I know this problem comes from the naming of the model or something along those lines, or at least that's what I read somewhere)


4) I have no idea how Collision Editor 2 works and would like to create some models with interiors and I have no idea how..

(not interiors that are placed in the "interior world" where you have to teleport to them, but interiors that are created in the outside world model itself!) [i hope experienced modders get what I mean!]

~ I saw it in Vice Cry and i thought it was cool, so I want to give it a try!


5) I have no idea what most of Kam's Scripts tool does, and I would like to learn to work with it as much as possible
I would also like to work on San Andreas stuff, but then there's Shadow Maps, and all sorts of other stuff..


6) Where does Vice City store building animations?


7) Also building animations, but this time in San Andreas!


Some photos for reference:


I would like to put textures on this mesh!








Any information on these as-well is appreciated!

So where am I going with this?
Well my goal with this topic is to collect as much useful data so I can create detailed [complete] guides on how to use there programs/scripts, so everybody who has the abilities to work on these golden games can give it a try, without spending days tinkering with them to no avail. The big picture is to eventually go thru every bit of modifying old (RenderWare) GTA games! (yes I will try and go thru cars, animations, peds, ect) basically everything without coding since its not my gig! But everything comes with time..As for now my goal is mapping!


And I'm already seeing the comments:
"Hey you d*mb f*ck just play around with these and you will find out!"

And to those people I will simply reply here:
I don't have so much free time to play around with programs for days or search every GTA forum out there for bits of information that doesn't help or can even be false!


So every bit of help and useful information is accepted. If you have any olld/new? "golden" tutorials that you know of, or your simply capable of these things and have time and motivation to explain or even write a guide yourself, your more than welcome to!


As far as I know, there may be some awesome written/video guides out there on these subjects and I just don't know of them, so I will accept everything!

Thank you, for you time!



~GR33N <3

Edited by GR33N

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