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Problems with the (latest) mobile version

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Hello, ever since the Android release and the HD iOS update, I've noticed some problems with the new mobile versions.



Take a look at this


What I've noticed with the new mobile versions is that on foot, you can only move at at 0,45,90... degree direction on the joystick and if you move the joystick somewhere in between, you won't move at that direction, and would still latch on at the directions above.


Let's say that I move the joystick in the direction of 60'. Huang will not move in that direction, but will instead still move towards 45' direction. Since 60 is closer to 45 than 90. But if I move it in let's say 75', Huang will move up forwards in 90' direction since 75 is closer to 90. This did not happen in the older iOS version before the HD update, in the older iOS version, Huang's movement responds smoothly to whatever direction you are pointing the joystick at.



The DS, PSP and old iOS version all has some sort of shadows on buildings. The PSP has even more shadows, not only casting on buildings but on signs, train tracks, some objects and such. The new iOS and Android version does not. I heard that the iOS version and Android version is based of the iPad version of CTW (Which was different from the iPhone/iPod version) and had higher resolution but in the cost of the building shadows. So the new iOS version and Android has no building shadows which makes the city look weird.




iOS old


PSP (not that noticable since it's on the night time but you can still see shadows on the left)


Edited by Gummy 

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Still waiting for the day they patch CTW on Android to feature the PSP shadows. It's one of the few reasons I still prefer the PSP version, along some extra missions and ad-hoc multiplayer.

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George Costanza

Tfw War Drum Studios redone the intro just cuz of graphics (and maybe because the PSP one was really low res)



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Yeah, I definitely noticed this! Is there a fix or something out yet?

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I noticed this as well. I have the Android and the PSP version but PSP looks a lot better on any aspect against the Mobile version, the shadows are the coolest thing. I'll stick to PSP version for ever... It seems.

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