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Best and Worst Antagonists

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I'm not talking about how much you liked or hated them I'm talking about how good or bad they were at being an antagonist I personally think that Devin Weston was the best because he is smug easy to hate he's rich hates the poor and acts entitled I think that the worst is Sonny Forelli because he doesn't appear much, he doesn't really do a lot of things wrong to Tommy and he is just kind of a generic mob boss

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Best: Dimitri. For the simple fact that I hated him so much that I wanted to kill him and he gave me plenty of reasons to do that. Billy from Tlad and Officer Tempeny comes close.


Worst: Anyone from GTA5.

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This can be easily merged with - Best Antagonist(s) Of All GTA Games


Regarding the best, its clearly Tenpenny, and the reasons are already explained in the linked topic mentioned above.

I'll put further light on what makes Dimitri the worst as an "antagonist" for me.


I think that the worst is Sonny Forelli because he doesn't appear much, he doesn't really do a lot of things wrong to Tommy and he is just kind of a generic mob boss

I find Sonny better actually. Dimitri is just a clone of Sonny and actually ends up being just a generic mob boss. Both indeed have a very limited appearance ( post-betrayal in case of Dimitri ), and not actively engaged or involved in creating troubles of any sort for the protagonist's, other than making phone calls.



Sonny, at least, has motives that make sense for the conflict to continue, unlike, in case of Dimitri there's really no reason for him to go after Niko post-betrayal. There's nothing for him to gain. I could understand Bulgarin making phone calls because his motives are absolutely clear. Bulgarin and Sonny both want their money back. Dimitri seems unnecessarily shoehorned in for making a few phone calls ( as a Sonny rehash ) and nothing else is interesting about him to speak.


Also, the phone calls made by Dimitri are really blown out of proportion with claims like getting into Niko's head, and all. These are bogus arguments. There's no effect of Dimitri's phone calls on Niko, at all. If anything, its the other way around, Dimitri is being threatened by Niko.


All the calls that happen post-Roman's kidnapping are not made by Dimitri with the motive and intent to threaten Niko. Unlike the phone calls made by Sonny to clearly remind Tommy of his obligations, which actually has an effect on Tommy ( in the first half of the story ) to find the person responsible for the

ambushed deal and return the money to Sonny as early as possible, until the second half where he obviously decides to take over the city itself:

- I am worrying, Tommy, that's my style, because I seem to have this problem in my life with unreliable people. Don't be an unreliable person, Tommy, please. Do us both a favor. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

- Oh, my fault is it? Well, I've heard you been busy all right. Busy killing drug barons. Busy taking over. Don't forget about us, Tommy. 'cause I can assure you, I ain't forgetting about you

- Obviously you are suffering from hearing problems, so I'll try again. WHERE'S THE GODDAMNED MONEY, WHERE'S THE GODDAMNED STUFF, AND WHERE'S MY CUT OF YOUR NEW ACTION?! You are making an idiot out of me, Tommy, and I'm not laughing yet.


Now, I'll compare those intimidating phone calls with those made by Dimitri.

- The phone call during Union Drive happens ONLY because Niko killed the blackmailers. Even Niko didn't know about Dimitri's involvement until it was revealed later in the mission, nor Dimitri was trying to go after Niko in that mission either.


It was only after Dimitri realized that their paths crossed again, the phone call happened and even then Dimitri wasn't interested in Niko at all. If anything, Dimitri offered him a cut, if Niko asks them to give up the contracts.

Dimitri: Persuade them to give up the contracts. We can work together. I will cut you in Niko. Let's be friends.


- Next call > Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: In this mission, Niko supports my prev. claims as well:


Niko:Our paths crossed back when I was living in Hove Beach as well. My cousin and I moved up to Bohan to get away from him [ Bulgarin ] and another man called Dimitri Rascalov


This time, its Bulgarin who appears later as their "paths crossed again". Niko wasn't aware about Bulgarin's involvement nor Bulgarin was aware that he was going to meet Niko again. It was the conflict around the diamonds deal. Dimitri was obviously informed by Bulgarin after his men attack Niko and Patrick. He makes the phone call ONLY because Niko manages to fight back after Bulgarin ordered his men to kill him. He talks nothing new either, but reminds Niko same thing he said during Russian Revolution, "But you messed up... and left a lot of bad debt. You left a good friend of mine out of pocket, big time" and again, "I cannot believe that you would steal from my friend ray Bulgarin twice. First in Europe. and then these diamonds in Liberty City. You are in debt to him, Niko. Why don't you just pay him what you owe and we can all get along?"


That's it. Only two calls! The last call depends on the option you choose between Revenge or Deal, and used to simply initiate the ending, which leads to the finale.


It can be easily understood from the phone calls that Dimitri was nowhere interested in "getting into Niko's head through taunting via phone calls", nor "more layers were added to his character" that we didn't know early in the game. He was deceptive and manipulative but that stopped working on Niko the moment he betrayed him.

So, I don't find him that appealing as many people tend to overrate his character and his phone calls.


On the other hand, Sonny's phone calls actually lead to further complications in their relationship, as the story progresses, and building up quite a suspense as well.

The surprising twist and revelations that happen in the end of Vice city evoke those natural reactions of anger and hatred towards Sonny, but not in case of Dimitri. Because there's ZERO reason for me to hate Dimitri. Niko actually betrayed Faustin, first and foremost, and so Dimitri's betrayal isn't surprising nor strong enough of a reason to hate him.



Dimitri isn't the worst but doesn't deserve the high amount of praise either. He was a decent "bad guy", but terrible as an antagonist, esp., in comparison to Sonny and Bulgari

Edited by Osho

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The Deadite

Best: Tenpenny


Worst: Massimo Torini



I don't feel like elaborating but one is voiced like Samuel L. Jackson and is an utter motherf*cking badass who always makes it to TOP 10 Biggest gaming antagonists.



The other is a random douche who most of you don't even recognize or remember by name.

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