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3ds max track/path editor

The Hero

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Wrote a little script today to edit train tracks or flight paths (same thing really) of gta III:

It also handles camera definitions (train.dat), see my post below.






Put into 3ds max' startup directory and open the rollout from the maxscript panel.

You can add train stations by putting the distances in the edit box and click "add stations" with the track spline selected. When you click "info", the default (hardcoded) train stops are printed to the maxscript listener for copy and paste convenience.

The stops are imported as dummies as children of the spline object. On export all objects that are children of that spline are printed as distance values as used by III in the maxscript listener.


Have fun.


EDIT: Maybe you want to know how to actually edit the train stations:

The calls to CTrain::ReadAndInterpretTrackFile at 54F035 (el-train) and 54F06D (subway) have as arguments the number of stations and the station distances on the path measuring from the first path node.

float StationDist[3] at 602284

float StationDist_S[4] at 602290

Moving and removing stations is easy. Just change the distance value and (optionally) decrease the number of distances in the function call. Adding stations might need increasing of arrays.

Edited by Silent
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Adding stations might need increasing of arrays.




; Max number of track stations (6)#Max number of track stations = 6; Enables track config loader#Enable track config loader = 0
Edited by fastman92
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Updated the script. It now handles train.dat files (http://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/Train.dat). All bounding boxes have a child camera that can be free (aimed at train in game) or targeted, it also has near and far clip values set. To export select all boxes (or the group which is created on import).


EDIT: After looking at the code it looks like what the wiki suggests might be far clip seems to be unused actually. And the value would be too low for far clip, looks more like FOV.

EDIT2: FOV is fixed at 70, so either unused or something else.

Edited by The Hero
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Nice work!

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No and no.


(EDIT: but I really should clarify this is for III, the tags suck)

Edited by The Hero
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Isn't this technically LCS too?

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