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El Corona/Little Mexico

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In the last third of the game you can take these areas over from the vagos (Even though its aztecas turf) but i know at one point these areas become greyed out as aztecas take it back, i assume it's the penultimate mission in the game when you take it back with cesar that you lose it? i'm planning on keeping it so probably not going to do that mission.

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Yap, it's the penultimate mission that causes it to get back under the Aztecas' rule. To keep it, do the mission and install Extended Gang Wars - you can then cause gang wars with all the gangs in the game.

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  • 4 months later...

You can still do the mission and take it over later. Its a game glitch. You would have to start a gang war at the border lines of El Corona and also win that war on El Corona's turf. Try it out. Look it up on YouTube if that will help. I've done this plenty of times so I know it works.

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Is that an Xbox strategy? I've heard that the xbox gang wars work a bit differently. Do you need to get a "3rd kill" while CJ is within the neighboring zone like you would to start a gang war, or is simply being within the desired zone at the end of the war enough? Is there anything special going on with starting the war?


On PC grove always takes over the zone where the gang war starts. Azteca zones can still be taken over using gang attack exploits, but first you need to increase Balla or Vago density beyond that of the Aztecas before a gang war can be triggered to take control of the turf for grove.

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