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GT 630m, i7 3610qm, 6gb ram, w10 64 bits, fps drops, game gets stucked



So my girlfriend wanted to play GTA V with me, I bought it for her. She has the laptop on the title, and she can play normally, until she gets in a car, and the car crashes. She downloaded msi afterburner and rivatune in order to monitor her performance, and she tells me that, when the drop happens, the gpu1 performance drops to 6% usage, instead of 98-99%. Also, for the cpus, they don't go for more than 50-60% of their performance, but that happens even when the game is going good, is this normal?

She is going to update the drivers, although she had the version from december 15, not too old, so we are not sure if that will solve it.

She is playing with everything in low, at around 1600x900. Normally getting around 30 fps.

What do you guys think is happening? any other test she could do to help with the fix for this?

thank you!

Edited by Shigakure

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3 answers to this question

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whoa, this is similar to my random "lag/stutter" normally 40-55 fps (750ti, pentium G3260) but only on big speeds and when driving faster in bigger propeller vehicles then the sound may cut for millisecond after every few seconds until slowing down again YET everything i so smooth that high speed racing through busy streets isn't no challenge, i know for fact my HDD and motherboard sata connectors are slower with read speeds so it causes random stutters, cpu is less used as well since it's waiting on files to come through and i think your weird "lag" is also due to slow sata/HDD!

She can safely test it on High settings (exept texture quality if you have only 2 GB video memory) because when file loading speed is a obstacle then quality doesn't matter too much!

BTW since i barely notice the jumping on fps and can peacefull enjoy the game i think your issue is more major!

EDIT: adding this simple trainer (it also needs asi loader and scripthookV) it never stuttered even tiny bit, you don't need to use trainer, the existance of it with scripthook is enough!

EDIT: new data confirms that antivirus and firewall can cause random micro-lag and even major issues on laptops when not disabled!

Edited by ACM-Jan

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That laptop does not meet the requirements. Not even close.

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That laptop does not meet the requirements. Not even close.

it seems to me it has higher end cpu and quite enough GPU to run it, i've seen people mention a lot lower system specs which can run it, there is something else involved, because 50 dollar pentium and 2GB 750ti run it good already!


To OP: i found out that disabling antivirus real time protection and windows firewall increase the FPS in the game (releasing the potential power held up by AV)

Edited by ACM-Jan

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