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Squidkid Mobile

Get rid of Youtube "Recommended for you" Videos in the sidebar

Recommended Posts

Squidkid Mobile

One day, I was going to watch a video based on Bully, then some video with "Recommended For You" that was completely unrelaed to Bully shows up. I tried to delete, search, and pause my History, but none of these seem to work. I tried that ten times.


First time that happened was a few years back, and then it disappeared, even when I couldn't find a solution. Secondly, it happened on Valentine's Day, now it's been going on for a few days. I tried looking up the problem, signing out of my account, clearing the cookies, didn't work. I use Adblock and Chrome.


I don't want to get rid of the videos in the sidebar. They help me navigate to other videos related to what I'm watching and such.


What should I do? Should I delete my YouTube Account and start over, even though I have like, 28 subscribers and no videos?

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It's a history-based algorithm depending on what videos you've watched and what YouTube determines you'd want to watch (rather obviously, inaccurate most of the time.)


There's no way to disable it other than to be careful of what videos you click on, but that's never enough. There are videos completely unrelated to the topics I usually watch that appear regardless if I accidentally clicked on a related video or not.

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This reminds me when a few days ago a "how to steal on a shop" video kept showing as recommended for me. I watched it anyways.

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I know I'm reviving an old thread but...


IT'S A F***ING STUPID MOVE BY YOUTUBE AND I'VE HAD THE ISSUE FOR MONTHS NOW. Every f***ing video I go on I always see COMPLETELY unrelated videos that I have already watched. Eventually I decided to use Video Blocker, but that doesn't work with the upcoming minimalist theme YouTube is adding plus I can't watch some of my subscribed channels since they keep showing up as well (even unsubscribing from them doesn't help). I have cleared and paused both my search and watch history and I also have removed every liked video from the Liked Videos playlist by un-liking them but they still appear. This is just ridiculous and I hope YouTube fixes it one day like JFC.

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I agree, it's kind of annoying plus i get random videos in the list

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Yeah I had an episode of Game of Thrones spoiled by youtube when I clicked on a vid my buddy sent me. It wasn't even GoT related but there it was on the side - 'Jaime attacks Dany' along with 'Arya vs. Brienne'.

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