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Lit Logistics

Vice City PS2 Reprint Disc?

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Lit Logistics

Nothing to complain about because the case doesn't bother me and the game plays fine. Neutral feedback was left because the games are advertised as BRAND NEW, which being resealed and polished means BRAND NEW CONDITION in my eyes.

Edited by Talon Logistics

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Lit Logistics


Putting the sleeve and disc into a new case and resealing is an obvious answer. However the seals on the game do not look like cheap reseals. It WAS sealed with that Y-folded plastic with a generic white security strip on top!?


Yes, it's possible to re-seal with Y-Folds. It's 2016 people have figured out how to wrap plastic. I even have one.


The one on the left is a promotional Legend of Zelda Gamecube game. It's sealed with Y-Folds, but this is a re-seal....the one in the middle is the 2015-2016 trilogy run copy of Grand Theft Auto 3. The right one is the original copy of Grand Theft Auto 3 with the original packaging and security sticker.




Let's take a look at the Y-Fold on the Original PS2 copy of GTA3...




Now look at the Re-Seal on the Zelda game.




You can see it's close, but obvious differences in the machine folding process.


Ignoring the EBay topic you posted because it's a bunch of drivel and nonsense...


The best way to to tell is obviously feeling the plastic in person. You'll notice the re-seal is much tighter than the original. You can SEE that in the first pic I posted. The plastic is also a bit thicker on the re-seal you can feel that with your fingers.


Is it really possible to clean a used disc back to 100% brand new quality?


Hell yes you can and you don't need a $20,000 machine to do that either. You can buy a disc cleaner for a mere $150.00 that will polish your disc just as well as that chick behind Wal-Greens.


Here is the listing for GTA III, says 10 copies available and sold along with Aragorn's Quest


Right, you've mentioned this many times. This is the first hint you're buying used copies. The Seller obviously has a store and he can't sell Aragorns Quest so he's giving them away.


If this seller is somehow getting cheap reseals, the discs I got were in 100% brand new shape, and the seals spot on, even if the white strip at the top was generic and fake?


Re-seals and professionally cleaned discs are this guys business practice. He seems to take pride in His work and goes that extra mile to provide the customer with a product that is mostly original and in great condition. That's the difference between "Brand NEW sealed" and "Original Sealed Copy"


There are MANY ass clowns on EBay buying the GTA trilogy at Wal-Mart for the PS2...for $15.00 and parting them out on Ebay for $8.00-$10.00 a game, which is sh*tty. This isn't one of them. The original case was likely to have had broken tabs and the Seller replaced the case with the first available one he had which is what yours ended up to be.


I went ahead and left neutral feedback, "Discs are in NEW condition, but games are not in official Amaray PS2 CASES. RESEALED! :'("


Why?!? He sold you a LEGIT copy that he made sure had ZERO defects and had it se-sealed and re-cased so that you didn't receive a copy that has all scratched up and loose inside a broken case. You paid less than TEN bucks for it which is the average for a copy of that game anyway. You can always transfer the sleeve and game to your other copy. It's not as if you got bent over on the deal.


IF you want an Original copy SEALED you'll pay around $40.00-$50.00 Don't pay anymore than that be patient.



Thanks for the detailed reply! Really opened my eyes to buying older games. Sorry to be so bothersome, I was only genuinely curious about the circumstances of this! This topic can be locked now! ;)

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