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Original "Doberman" cutscene

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I'm talking about the beta CRASH mission. The mod that unlocks this and other beta missions reuses the cutscene from "Burning Desire". But obviously audio suggests a different setting and action. Tenpenny seems to be on the phone and pissed off and sounds like the cutscene is supposed to be outdoors.


Was there ever a cutscene for this mission in the first place? Did developers just record audio and never shot the cutscene? Cutscene for another beta mission "Impounded" is there and works well. Just wondering about Doberman. If there was a cutscene in the first place, then why can't it be unlocked? I understand that cutscene video was replaced by the burning desire one because then it would be just black screen and audio.

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Actually, the 'Impounded' mission's cutscene was also replaced by the 'King in Exile' one by Deezire.

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Light Syde Riandy

Shouldn't this topic in "San Andreas" section?

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Probably everything was scratched once done or never done at first place. Who knows.


You can make your own custom animation via 3dMax and such, or make a IG animation and use the cutscene dialogue via Sanny Builder.

Edited by Still Madd

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