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Russian Paratroopers Mil-Sim crew


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[PS3 crew recruiting!]

Hello! We are a Military themed crew that is based off of the Russian VDV, we consist of multiple playable units, such as Ground troops, Paratroopers, and Recon. We also have a need for helicopter pilots, vehicles drivers, and gunners. We are a VERY serious crew, and perform open and pre-made operations.


"So what kind of stuff will we do?"

All kinds of stuff, however before a recruit can be sent into combat, they must go through some very short training, for things such as proper shooting, proper patrolling, and learning to perform an "Air-Landing" as a unit...

After all of that, unit members will be given the title of Soldier (non-recruit) and will be ready to ship out and win some wars! We go through many different scenarios, such as:

-"Open skirmishes" these are firefights which are not pre-planned, and are in a Mil-Sim lobby.

-"Mil-Sim Ops" these are Operations which are pre-made using the rockstar creator.

-"Open Ops" these are Operations which take place in a MilSim lobby, and are normally not pre-planned.


"What do I have to do to join the VDV?"

Great question! To join us there are some requirements, which are not hard to follow, but they are VERY important, we will not have rule-breakers!

- Act Mature! Don't show up and act stupid, treat this seriously!

- Have a Mic! Clear communication between squad mates is KEY! Nobody wants to text you in the middle of a skirmish...

- Follow directions! Don't disobey orders! Your commanders know what's best, not following orders is exactly what gets a unit killed...

- Look the cut! Make sure your uniform and weapons are EXACTLY what they are supposed to be, we don't want to accidentally kill a squad mate because he's rather wear something else...


So there you have it, to join our crew, add me on PS3-PSN: GasMaskViking.

And please include why you are adding me in the friend request, or I may delete it!

Our SocialClub crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/106th_guards_vdv_


See you in the skies, comerades!

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