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How would you improve this game?

Staunton Assassin

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On 8/15/2019 at 10:10 AM, KGBeast said:


Exactly this. Almost 14 years later and the complaints about this game are as unreasonable and uninformed as ever. Seeing people after all these years still crying that LCS isn't like SA is a reminder of why I love this game so much. 

It's funny because for me LCS was ALL AROUND subpar at best and had no reason to exist

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I think its pretty good as is. But I definitely wished you could recruit other Leone troops to join you. Other than that just have the city be a little more lively and dangerous, have the police chases from San Andreas. And maybe like now and then you could see a gang car doing a drive by on the rivals or stuff like that. 

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1). Story - No wonder why Toni is labelled the 'talking' version of Claude since the fella lacked any charisma but I've stated before how Danny did an awesome job voicing him. Its really  that Sals other capo 'Luigi' didn't make an appearance; which could've been interesting to see the chemistry between him and Vinnie or perhaps more one to one scenes with Toni to determine whether the perceived perplex 'daddy' attitude would've been present between Toni and Vincenzo, but then again he seems pretty impatient in GTA 3 to claude; especially being overprotective about Misty (Then again Claude is a mute lmao, so he lacks remorse for betraying).


2). SoundtrackAs much as I liked LCS soundtrack, I personally feel like especially with HEAD and lips, would've been great with licensed music as the radio stations would've been a lot longer (if you ask me having 7 tracks for each station is ridiculously short, especially if it came after VC and SA) because even though you have your licensed music bs removal every anniversary port, the implicated stations will still be a lot longer then the house made music stations. I was surprised to see there was no classic rock station in LCS as it would've suited the bikers, so I would've added that.


3). Features - Other than Climbing and I guess swimming, I'm not too fused that we can't really increment our expenditure to a large degree with the exception of minigun armor, but given the somewhat high status of Toni at the end of the game, it would've been neat to hire Leone soldiers but makes sense why we can't in the early missions as Toni wasn't a made man though, so the most logical execution would be like in VC 100%, where we can hire bodyguards after reaching 100% complete, whereas in LCS; it would've been after completing the main missions.


In addition, yeah why the hell can't we utilize aerial vehicles since it's built on the foundations of the vice city engine with some minor adjustments added with recycled animations like SA running animation.

Interiors would've been nice, especially with Noodle punk and Joe's Pizza where we can get health boost just like well stacked pizza. It would've been cool to like see the interior of the saint marks bistro and have a mission where we rob an executive card game held by a Forelli Made Man.

Edited by Donnie IKID
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