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GTA San Andreas (360 Version) & SAMA?


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I elected to start this thread rather than use the "Official" thread that is pinned, the reason I done this was because If people were going to reply to that topic unrelated to my problem then I would get an email for unrelated comments had I subscribed to it. But anyway, I was playing the 360 version of this game or HD version or Enhanced version or whatever they are calling it and got up to 99.47% completion and am having a hell of a time trying to find out what I missed (the .53%), I used the GTA Save editor (the one for GTASA/GTAIV & GTA V that supports multiple platforms) and found that I missed one jump, however that was before I had 99% so that jump is not what I'm missing now.


I have searched using that Save editor but visually looking through it I can't seem to find anything, I know I've done the following.


All Missions

Taxi (50)

All Races

All Import/Export

All Gym Moves

All Tags, Snapshots, Oysters & Horse Shoes

Vigilante, Paramedic & Firefighters Lv 12

Pimping Level 10

Trucking missions

Valet Parking missions LV 5

All 3 Courier Missions

7 Quarry missions

2 Train Freight Missions

All Safehouses

BMX & NRG Missions

All 3 Mt Chiliad Mountain bike missions

Kickstart, Blood bowl, 8-Track & Dirt Track stadium missions

All Golds at all 4 schools

All 4 Ammu-nation challenges


And its telling me that I only have 99.47%. I did a google search and found out that you can use "San Andreas Mission Analyzer" (Great program & GUI!!) to check a save, now the 360 version is in .b format, but it is not wanting to open the save in that program, Im at a loss as to what I should do.. Are there any newer SAMA style programs that can read the 360 version saves that can tell me WTH I missed?..lol


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Went to Las Venturas Gym first thing and completed moves and it was it, now 100% complete, I did do those moves earlier in the game and went back to San Fierro gym because I like its moves better, wonder why it didn't register that I had the LV gym moves the first time??

Edited by gangrel_1313
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