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Frustrated flying noob!



Argh - trying to fly planes is getting rather frustrating. I'd like to say "practice makes perfect" but alas it isn't. After spending 3hrs I'm no better at this than when I started.

Flight school - well what a complete waste of time that is. It's telling me what I need to do for each lesson but really not telling me HOW to do it.


I'm currently attempting to run the flying missions for the " TP Industries Arms Race".

I can take-off, that is nice and easy, but once in the sky I'm just going nowhere. I accelerate, I could pitch up and down, but once I start using the "L" direction pad (PS4) I find myself going all over the shop. If I use the L1 & L2 for Yaw I find the movement is a little more controlled, but it doesn't seem to be the right way of doing things.

Can anyone give me some tips here on actually flying in the direction I want to? Do I keep my finger on accelerate as I would in a car? Or is it more like a throttle, once opened it remains so until you decelerate?

Should I be using the direction controller or is Yaw the way to do things?


It really isn't the end of the world if I cannot do this - but the sheer number of hours I've put into attempting to fly, I feel I should have improved just a little - I haven't! :(

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try stunting around in free roam for a week between missions, i got flight school on gold after that practice week, right now able to go below lowest bridge in the "under the bridge" stunts!

You need to get a feel of the stick and use that gently to control the plane, only smallest adjustments come from yaw, you need to fly with the stick and keep the throttle maxed, it was the only way combined with crazy pitching to get the gold on flight school longer runs!

Edited by ACM-Jan

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