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Recruiting new member for Global Gun Club


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This is an open crew for anyone interested on learning from the basic combat movement to the advanced. In the current GTA Online meta, new and old players are forced to be in passive mode because of others who just go around and cause misery to the innocence who just wanna chill and relax in freemode lobbies. We all been through those times almost everyday and I would like to create a crew that wants to make those griefers understand that there are other players that wont take that anymore. I have played this game since Day 1 and the amount of struggle I had to learn was pretty salty. And I want you as fellow GTA 5 players to join and learn on fast reflexes, predicting enemy movement and as well as certain tactics that even the best knows on how to use combat movement efficiently in the current meta in GTA Online. As well as weapon testing to see which weapon is better over the other, what are their advantages and disadvantages as a whole and what is the overall recommendation. These testing will be held only in custom deathmatches that you and I will create together. Even if you decide to play the game solo, at least you have the knowledge to know when someone wants to fight you for little to no reason. On certain occasions, I would like to host deathmatch events that includes communication and teamwork. Even if you don't have a mic, your loadout will suit your playstyle. If you wish to join the crew the link is below. Hope to see you there. The first session will start on Tuesday before 5pm EST. Before I go, there are a few rules everyone must follow. The first rule is to never kill any crew members in any activity. The second rule is simple, anyone above 16 years of age is allowed. Have a good day everyone.


Here is the link:



Edited by mike-4591
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