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DYOM STORYLINE - Stories of Anthony


Recommended Posts


MISSIONS: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46639
SKINS: https://www.sendspace.com/file/6z2p75




I am aware the San Andreas environment can't fit in 2003, but I wanted things to advance because there is no where I can fit Claude and CJ both into one storyline.

Another note is that only two returning characters from the GTA Series aren't protagonists, so don't judge! This will be very, very long.

(January, 2003)

The plot begins with Anthony, a guard for Tommy Vercetti and Giuseppe Lozano, the leader of Vercetti INC. Tommy tells his guards the plan on going all the way from Vice City to Los Santos, after caontrolling the whole city as they wiped out the Vagos from that place. The Vagos leader Jose has more in Los Santos than in Vice City, so he uses the opportunity to take down Tommy and Giuseppe. A guard approaches Tommy, and points his gun at him. Anthony kills the guard, and then kills everyone else. He sees Jose escaping from the plane window, so Anthony goes to follow him. He parachutes out of the plane in hope he can chase the Vagos leader, but while he fails to kill him, things begin from that point.




The plot is very long, I plan to do 80+ missions, but for now I have finished the first ten.






Anthony Barkley

The protagonist, he is supposed to be a guard let for dead by Tommy but actually makes him question his selection of guards at his gang. He is a tough person, quick thinker and can pile perfectly under pressure, and is in no way afraid of anything. Despite that, he is clumsy and is too respectful that at a first sight he'd be underpowered.


Determinant - If the player is bad enough




Tommy Vercetti

The deutroganist, the don of Anthony's crew, and due to his lack of physical ability, he is no longer the gunman he was in '86. He can drive properly but his shooting, strafing, etc. has dropped but he still stands out as a man among boys.



Determinant - Can die if the player is bad enough




Jose Albino

The main antagonist of the game, and the man to cause Anthony the most of problems. He is known to be a very scaredy man but a genius in stealth, an excellent driver but usually makes messy plans.



Dead - Determined by ending of player's choice, Jose can either die after being shot down from a Hydra or killed while Anthony scopes him out of the quarry, or in the more-canon ending, get executed by Anthony in a deathmatch bowl.




Giuseppe Lozano



The third antagonist of the plot. He remains loyal to Tommy, but then tries to waste Anthony because the spotlight is off him. After Anthony replacing him in every aspect, Giuseppe remains nothing but a sideman even though he is a very highly respected gang member, he asks Jose to join the Vagos gang as the primary gunman and leak information in regards of the Vercetti gang.



Dead - He can be killed by Anthony in a shootout. His Sniper Rifle jams when Anthony encounters Perry for the final time so he helps through his fists but gets killed by Anthony.




Mehmet Ozyakup



Leader of the Turkish cartel. Tommy sends Anthony to him to learn about the Turkish and get a way to wipe out the whole cartel, so Anthony kills a Turkish cartel member when they were dealing with the Vagos and then he pretends to be helping by killing off Vagos members. Anthony is trusted by Mehmet immidiately and without even asking about his motivation, he lets him join. Anthony joins and starts learning about Los Santos.


STATUS: Dead - Anthony kills him in a time he does not expect him to do so: Mehmet and the whole cartel were inside the AT-400 jet, but Anthony got a bike, rode on the plane wing, and hijacked inside, killing the guards then bombing the plane in any way he would like to do so.



Perry Stephenn


The second antagonist and a very angerable person, tough and very close minded, he is laughed at for his name being too "weak", and has killed people for that and many other stupid reasons. He is scared of Jose, but the two are allied, and later on, Perry reveals to Anthony he is the LSP leader. Perry attempts to kill Anthony many times, but almost everytime Perry and Anthony encounter something breaks up. He gets beaten up by Anthony, Giuseppe and Marko at a point in the storyline. And in another point, he gets Anthony to do him objectives. He usually covers up his eyebrows.



Dead - Can either die in a shootout or be executed by Tommy.




Marko Spajic


Tritagonist of the storyline and a person who knows Giuseppe, Marko is a very conservative person and tries to be nice with anyone, but his naivety isn't the best personality. Despite all of that, he warns everyone to stay away from him or they will be in severe pain, as he is muscular and clinical on the guns. He is a terrible driver, almost killing Anthony in a chase in a Caddy.








Ryder Wilson


After faking his death to hide from the gangs, it is revealed that the boat never exploded, it just sent out smokes, which made CJ think Ryder died. The Ballas and the Grove Street families both are against Ryder and with rumors leaking to the Ballas, Ryder is a deathlist name.



Determinant - Anthony can choose to kill one of Ryder or CJ, or try to get to a resolution, but that would lead to CJ killing Ryder and Anthony killing CJ in return.




Andrea Hyndman

A genius technican and constructor, Andrea is the top dog man in electricity. Lived a depressing life as he was bullied as a child, hated by his whole family and was thrown into the streets alone; begging a living and stealing as he grows up, Andrea civilized himself later on in his life. He later on is hired by Tommy, leading Anthony to work with him in the bank heist.



Dead - Dies in an explosion from the vault bomb




Carl Johnson


No need to introduce a man who has all of San Andreas in his arm, CJ is a businessman and Grove Street own all of Los Santos excluding Northern Los Santos (owned by Vercetti and Vagos) and some parts of the Santa Maria Beach (Marina is owned by Vercetti while the side of the beach to Verdant Bluffs is Ballas). He has many assets; a casino, airstrip, a jetpack, a rapper to manage, a technology store, almost everything a man could wish for. He teams up with Tommy to clean up town, and later on gets fond of Anthony, giving him a stake of his assets with Tommy, and sharing the whole of San Andreas with the Vercettis and Triads.



Dead - Can be killed by Anthony, or can be spared for the sake of Ryder. The second choice is to make the two negotiate, which leads to CJ killing Ryder and CJ being killed by Anthony.




Thomas Miller


A business man and brother of Luis and Antoinette, Thomas gets Anthony to improve his stakes by damaging enemy estates and building everything for him in exchange of a stake. Anthony gets introduced to Luis later on, who owns a Casino in Las Venturas.



Determinant - The player can kill him with a rocket launcher when he takes off with a plane.




Claude Speed


Thomas Miller's ally, he goes with Anthony on a few missions. He often helps him in shootout and drives in drive-bys. He turns out to be a spy for the Vagos, so Huang Lee tells Anthony to kill him.



Dead - Dies after being shot by Anthony after Huang Lee tells him to do so.




Mark Robinson

A member of the Angry Rebels, who are protesting against the San Andreas presidency being hacked. Anthony finds them with Marko, and they get him into the business of rebelling. He fights against the LSP and the Vagos. He talks in mixed slang; English, Black, and even Latino, and gets laughed at for doing so.



Dead - Killed under orders of Antoinette Miller




Javier Martinez


Anthony meets Javier along with the other Angry Rebels, and the two develop an alliance. Anthony does jobs for Javier. Javier is a person who likes to joke but his jokes are terrible, and is a perfectionist.



Dead - Killed under orders of the mysterious character one




The Truth


A peaceful member of the Angry Rebels and has never been involved in a crime, even though he was almost choked in Blackfield. He has been through many adventures and lives in his Camper van. He hates the goverment and knows most of their plans. He hires Anthony and compares him to CJ many times.






??? (1)



Nope. All to be said is that his missions are very entertaining.


Determinant - Anthony can kill him in order to dominate the whole town.




Mikel Martinez


A member of the Angry Rebels. He is not that much of a major character, but as a character who gives a mission and is part of an important group, he is in this list. His green jacket was with him since a child, but he kept sewing it to grow on him. He is a former drug addict, and is half-Spanish half-American. He was also a former biker and he later on gives his bike to Anthony.



Determinant - If the player is good enough




Andre Shatov


A Russian gunman, he is not afraid of Anthony and often challenges him to prove he is the tougher man. He was allied with the Turkish cartel, but Anthony didn't reveal he wiped them out himself. He does jobs for Andre, and later on the rebels try to break into the goverment.



Dead - Killed under orders from the mysterious character one




Mike McCarthy



A half-Scottish half-English policeman, he is the chief of the LVPD, and usually gives Anthony overpowered items. He is not really corrupt, as his objective is to wipe out the LSP and not spread the Vercetti, but upon understanding Tommy-Marko-Anthony's objectives, he tries to be more acceptful of them. Anthony, upon meeting the Angry Rebels, has to investigate them before knowing about them. He asks him to reveal information, but Mike tells him to reveal his loyalty. He orders Anthony to do anything for him. After impressing him, Anthony gets help from Mike, even releasing him from prison after an LSP shootout companied by Marko and the Angry Rebels.



Dead - killed by Jose in a scope out




Toni Cipriani


Leader of the Cipriani gang in Liberty City, he gives objectives to Anthony and reveals he was going to kill Andre Shatov. The two encounter, and Anthony pretends the engine to have stopped. Andre goes too far and they lose him. Anthony and Cipriani later go on objectives.







Tracey Hunter

Anthony's girlfriend, he meets her when Mike McCarthy gives him a job to pick her up before she is killed. Anthony takes Tracey to her house, and she tells him to come back later. Anthony and Tracey go on their first date, and discovers that similar to him, Tracey is a shotgun expert. They escape from the police, and the two become a gunning duo. She later on joins him in a mission from the mysterious character.



Determinant - can be killed if the player is good enough




Luis Miller



Thomas' brother Luis is a very fearable person. He is a paranoid owner of a casino because he has been stabbed in the back many times. Anthony later on is revealed to that Luis works under Marko, so the three go and hit up Northern Los Santos. The three go too far but their car engine is too tired. They find a bike, but cannot hold three. This is where things get bad.



Anthony kills Luis when the bike can't fit more than two people and if he gets left for dead Luis can come back and haunt him, so Anthony decides to finish him off.




Antoinette Miller



A witness of Anthony's killing of Luis, Antoinette blackmails Anthony to work for her or else she'll reveal everything to Thomas. Anthony later on is ordered to kill Mark Robinson, which he does. After that, she tells him to kill Tommy, so Anthony silences her.


STATUS - Dead - Anthony kills her after she goes too far in orders.






After returning from Colombia as the police do not want him anymore, Mike retains a low profile: He changes his name to Mike (even though his name is Michael), and he gets a voice, eyelid, and fingermark surgeries in order to not be spotted. He returns to the United States, but in San Andreas. He has a lot of cash, a tank and a Shamal airplane. Anthony later on finds out that Mike is associated with the Vagos as the Colombian Cartel are wiped out. After all of that, he calls up Anthony and Marko, along with all other main GTA protagonists to do a heist on the LSP and Vagos bank as this would break down spine.



Dead - Killed under orders from Toni Cipriani.




Huang Lee


Leader of the Triads as Woozie has stepped down to take care of Casino issues, Huang Lee hires Anthony to kill a Chinese Mafia (the Ghin mafia) at first but after impressing, he tells him to steal a military airplane from Area 69, and take it to Huang Lee's place in San Fierro. He later on introduces Anthony to Mysterious Character (2), a former ally back in North Yankton who was set to commit suicide after the death of Michael.



Alive - had to live because Chinatown Wars takes place in 2008 and the plot is in 2005.




Wu Qing


Also known as "The King", Wu is the underboss of Huang Lee but has a bigger role than him in the storyline. Wu and Anthony become allies, then Wu gives Anthony and Marko jobs to do throughout San Andreas. He later on gets Anthony to the objective of collecting assets as a mafia. The Triads take over San Fierro after Anthony helps Wu in his objectives.



Dead - Anthony kills him, leading to Huang Lee escaping to Liberty City.




??? (2)





Matthew Jones


Leader of the Tigers gang in Tierra Robada, Matthew gives missions to Anthony on the phone and his main enemy gang is the Lions. Anthony later on betrays him when he collects assets, wiping his gang out and killing him.



??? (3)



The player will encounter him at the very end of the plot but at the beginning of the storyline. Even though this list is in order of appearance, the player will find this character's role to be scary. At the very beginning of the storyline, he will tell Anthony to either choose to work for him or he will kill him. If Anthony fails to kill him and die, he cannot restart the mission. It will turn out that everything Anthony has done was under this character's orders and if they failed to do it they would be dead.



Claude Speed


His role is to be kept a secret, and he won't be the last new major character because while this list is in order he'll be thrown in randomly in the middle.


Dead - Dies after being accidentally shot by Anthony



Edited by bananaking13
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I would use a different gang as Vagos were never present in VC, Cholos maybe (appeared in VCS)

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I would use a different gang as Vagos were never present in VC, Cholos maybe (appeared in VCS)


Yes I know about the Cholos. The problem is they don't appear in the Vice City game, which means they are either wiped out or have left the city.



This section has a "Mission Showroom" for a reason.


Apologies, I didn't know about that, plus I thought this is a storyline and usually they have a bigger discussion etc.

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Since the storyline goes from 1986. to 2003. a lot of stuff changes.


Cholos could have made a return with their new business of selling drugs after Vance Crime Family falls apart. They connect to Tommy Vercetti, but at one point they might betray him and want to kill him.

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New mission, another mission I'm leaking early because it's too good (don't worry there are even better missions that won't be released until the real thing is out!) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46509 - Military Operation (read the page for description)

Edited by bananaking13
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The project is not dead, everyone! The first chapter (Introduction) will be out soon, but for a bonus because you know, it's the first has to be worked on hardest for planning, storylining, etc. I will make a GTA United bonus storyline, casting the events of pre-2003, and the wipe out of the Vagos. It is no more than five missions. So basically:


- The first mission: The 'Vader' giving instructions to Anthony

- The first path-mission: Choosing the Vader path (This is the ending of the plot - dying means you die in the end!)

- Eight normal missions

- Four normal missions

- Five GTA United missions


TOTAL: 1 + 1*2 + 8 + 4 + 5 = 19 missions as an introduction.

This uses inspiration from my very old mission pack (Perry's adventures), a person who hated the LSP but is now their leader. All protagonists from the GTA 3 era appear (even Mike!) and a person from the GTA 4 era appears. I would upload that mission pack (24 missions) but it is too loopholed but the missions were good. I'm going to return all characters from that mission pack, mostly as minor characters but Perry is still going to die.

This might all be finished tomorrow!





Other than Marko and The Truth, all characters can be killed. This would lead to the Human Genocide ending, which Anthony and Marko start wiping out their own gang and the enemy gangs, leading to San Andreas destruction. To unlock this ending, you must:


- Get CJ + Ryder dead

- Blow up Thomas' plane

- Kill the 'vader'

- And go for all the ways a character can be killed



Edited by bananaking13
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Come on, why isn't anyone replying to this?

I know installing skins is a pain in the ass but it's all worth it. In fact there is a skin selector inside the skin file if you're lazy as sh*t.

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Light Syde Riandy

The problem from crossover with original GTA characters mission packs like these is that most people believe that playing this mission pack will not get the same feeling as playing some original GTA games for the first time.


I could be wrong though, but right now my laptop is kinda slow if it used to play San Andreas even though I had cleaned it from dusts. I probably need to upgrade it and play this, but only once my motivation to return back to DYOM has rise again.

Edited by Light Syde Riandy
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Bump. I cannot let this die. Need more people to see this if I am to start part two.

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I don't mind crossover stories but I am annoyed about the fact that I have to download another mod(United) to play your missions....

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You're a fan of Undertale, aren't you?

Yes but I didn't use it for much of the plot inspiration, other than the ending (Marko can't die because I originally wanted Anthony to die but he's too good if the player himself is).

I don't mind crossover stories but I am annoyed about the fact that I have to download another mod(United) to play your missions....

You don't, only for the bonus mission pack, around 1/4 the entire storyline so far.


For the crossover thing, I wanted to make something about all the classic protagonists but I put in Toni Cipriani. For the 3D Universe, I already was blocked out with Victor Vance so I had to at least fill up the gap, so I put in Mike from GTA Advance. P.S. The plot has the 3D-HD universes merged!! The difference between 2001 and 2008 is large so I hope this won't cause any problem.

Edited by bananaking13
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Checking the plotline, no new character is introduced after the 72nd mission, which means I will expand the character roster by two or five characters. Most missions (mainly by Marko or Tommy) are changed to be for the new characters.

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Ok Ok, the storyline is not dead! I'm working on the mission pack and I have gone a few steps forward. Expect part two to be released this week.


I really hope this becomes a success. I cannot be arsed to make a useless MP again.

There is a glitch in the mission Second Recruit, five Ryders spawn at the same time. Unacceptable but DYOM is being an asshole, it cannot be fixed. Either ways there was another mission where you rob the Pizza Store (Flamin' Crust) so have fun.

For the heist, it's getting interesting. There will be many non-heist missions throughout part two. Also a change in plan: It will use the storyline feature instead of many missions.


This will put all my characters I have made in a DYOM mission before. Some of them will have to change skins and some others don't. I also have future planned characters in the storyline.


Last of all, the introduction is much, MUCH easier than the rest of the storyline.

Edited by bananaking13
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Sorry to say that I have cancelled the storyline because of two reasons:


- Nobody plays DYOM anymore.

- I'm focusing on modding the normal game.


I apologize for any inconvenience made.

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