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Strange vehicle physics bug.


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I have a strange bug with vehicles. When a car is empty, or an AI is driving, I can barely push it while sprinting, just like I remember being able to.


However, if I get into the car, then get out of it, I can easily push it around just by walking. If I sprint into it, CJ doesn't even get slowed down by the car.


I'm using a Steam version downgraded to 1.0, Cleo 4.3, Silentpatch, and a few CLEO scripts. This even happens without the CLEO scripts, but I'll give all the used scripts anyways.


Cannon.cs - Gives the Rhino a usable cannon

Don'tBurnFlippedCars.cs - explains itself

GirlFriendsMod.cs - Makes it so I don't need to mess with that mechanic at all, as I don't care much for it.

GTAVHealthRegen.cs - Below half health, wait a bit, health regenerates.

NEWCAM.cs - makes the camera angle in vehicles higher up, so I can see what's in front of me...

StreamMemFix.cs - fixes the horrible object pop-in that happens at times.

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Vills SkyTerror

Strange indeed, but thats how bad physics are in game.

I once tried that with rhino..CJ just pushed it by walking against it. I tried increasing the car weight to insane 999999 or something but same thing happened.


CJ is just strong lol.

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...So it's a feature?


I don't remember that though lol. I've just gotten back into GTA SA from a mammoth amount of nostalgia. Maybe as a kid I overlooked that...


Also, I can't move the Rhino, only vehicle immune to it lol.

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Vills SkyTerror

Probably not a feature.

But people use this trick(?) to drag unique vehicle from missions to save them in garage.

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