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Best way to earn money ?

Mulholland Killer

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Starter Save OR Inside Track Betting.


Do the Starter Save to 13.37% before Big Smoke? You'll have enough money for the entire game to buy all the Safehouses in each location around the Map. Or you can do Inside Track Betting and get $999,999,999 in 30 minutes or so. It's boring getting that much money, though. If you just do the normal Missions early on, you get enough money...

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No money is needed for weapons or body armour. Just Exploring will find FREE items, enough to finish the game.


So, Money is needed to buy Property, Safe homes and business.


Making Money:

Actually the missions to earn money and improve CJ are not marked at all.


Even if you fail you can still keep the money. The more levels accomplished the more money each trip (level) earns.

• Firefighting (Monitor Firetruck): Put out fires up to level 12, makes CJ fireproof.

• Paramedic (Ambulance): Transport injured people up to level 12, doubles CJ's standard Health bar.

• Robbery (Black Van): Steal up to $10,000 value. Trick here is the value of each item increases only with the total amount of items stolen per night. May be accomplished in more than one night.

• Vigilante (any police vehicle including the military Helicopter and Tank : Kill criminals up to level 12 gives CJ's body armour 50% more protective ability.

• Pimping (Broadway): Transport the Pro's to their customers up to level 10. The Pro's will pay CJ for the service.

• Taxi (Taxi): This one can be done many times until 50 fares have accumulated. Bonus money if you do them all in one go. Taxi's will all have nitro.

• Collection of 50 Snapshots: $100,000, also give CJ a weapons cache at Doherty Garage.

• Collection of 50 Horseshoes: $100,000. also give CJ a weapons cache at Four Dragons Casino.

• And others, see the link provided.



• And others, see the link provided.


MONEY (Why):

What do I need money for in-game? I don’t know what to do with my money.

Money Needed:

30,000 Zeros

50,000 Wang

80,000 Verdant Meadows Aerodrome.

10,000 Willowfield

10,000 Verdant Bluffs

10,000 jefferson

120,000 Mulholland

30,000 Santa Masria

35,000 Palomino

10,000 Blueberry

40,000 Dillimore

20,000 Angel Pine

100,000 Whetstone

40,000 Hashbury

20,000 Doherty

20,000 Chinatown

20,000 Paradiso

100,000 Calton Heights

20,000 El Quebradas

20,000 Tierra Robada

30,000 Fort Carson

50,000 Prickle Pine

30,000 Redsands West

6,000 Pirates in

6,000 Camel’s toe

20,000 Rockshore West

6,000 Clown’s pocket

6,000 Old Venturas strip

10,000 Creek

Edited by lil weasel
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  • 2 weeks later...

Or you can do Inside Track Betting and get $999,999,999 in 30 minutes or so.

Is horse race betting reliable even if you don't reload the save if you fail?

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Nah. You need to do some reloading for this to work. But it takes about 30 minutes of reloading to reach $999,999,999. You multiply your current money by 11x if you bet it all. So you start the game with $350. If you won immediately, first try, you'd now have $3,600. Keep doing it over and over and you reach the money cap in no time. It's pointless, though, cuz I do the full 13.37% Starter Save and just by doing it, I have enough money the entire game for the Properties/Assets and the Los Santos Properties bought in the beginning already, too. Money is easy to come by. Just play the game normally and the Side Missions give you so much like Paramedics, Firefighter, Roboi's Food Mart, etc, etc...

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