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Starter Save Discussion

Recommended Posts


In the lack of a topic like this in this forum, I'm opening one. This topic's purpose is to discuss Starter Saves and completion of these, share our progress in completing them, publish Starter Saves if wanted, and listing what CAN be done at the beginning of the game.



The following tasks CAN be completed at the beginning of the game, before the mission/cutscene 'An Old Friend' ft. Sonny Forelli blaming Tommy for his losses is triggered:[/size]

  • Collect 100 Hidden Packages (a bunch of them require a helicopter, but all are available at the beginning)
  • Complete 35/36 Unique Stunt Jumps (technically speaking, only this USJ is not performable until 'G-Spotlight' is passed; in reality, this jump and this other jump are also tricky to reach outside of the mission; it's up to the player to complete them or not)
  • Complete 35/35 Rampages (WARNING: There is a conversion trick available during the mission 'The Party' that allows you to make any vehicle into an EC Black Vehicle; this trick requires this rampage to NOT be passed. Some vehicles obtained through OM0 will also require a rampage to be left uncompleted, sometimes an specific one. Do your research before you regret completing a rampage)]
  • Robbing 15/15 Stores
  • Buying all 7 safe houses (not the assets yet, however)
  • Complete Paramedic Side Mission to Level 12
  • Complete Vigilante Side Mission to Level 12
  • Complete Firefighter Side Mission to Level 12 (requires this Rampage in order to start a fire and make a Fire Truck spawn OR traveling to West Island, picking up Molotov Cocktails and coming back to East Island to start a fire, as Firefighter won't work on West Island; on Mobile, you're gonna have to figure out how to bring the Fire Truck from West to East Island, however, as NO FIRE TRUCKS SPAWN if you start a fire)
  • Complete 100 Taxi Fares (in a row or otherwise)
  • Complete Pizzaboy Side Mission to Level 10
  • RC Bandit Race Side Mission (located in Washington Beach)
  • RC Baron Race Side Mission (located at the North Point Mall's carpark, top level)
  • RC Raider Checkpoint Pickup Mission (located at Escobar International Airport)
  • Hotring (Hyman Memorial Stadium, activates from 20:00 to 12:00 in-game time)
  • Dirtring (Hyman Memorial Stadium, activates from 20:00 to 12:00 in-game time)
  • Bloodring (Hyman Memorial Stadium, activates from 20:00 to 12:00 in-game time)
  • PCJ Playground Race Side Mission (PCJ-600)
  • Cone Crazy Race Side Mission (Stallion)
  • Test Track Race Side Mission (Landstalker) (must be passed 3 times)
  • Trial By Dirt Race Side Mission (Sanchez) (must be passed 3 times)
  • OPTIONAL: EC White Admiral (from the very beginning)
  • OPTIONAL: EC Black Rancher (from Test Track)
  • OPTIONAL: EC Black Sanchez (from Trial By Dirt)
  • OPTIONAL: FP/EP Hotring Racer (Hotring)
  • OPTIONAL: (PC Exclusive) AP Sanchez (Dirtring)

Now you might be wondering: How the hell will I complete all of this? Well, besides utter patience, there ARE a few resources that might help you get through this:

  • G-Unleashed: Provides maps with the locations of Hidden Packages, Unique Stunt Jumps, Rampages, and Robbery Stores. In the website there's a map with numbers on it. Click on the number of the collectible you want and it'll tell you the location and a little advice on how to get there.
  • GTAForums: If you snoop around (cough and cough) or ask for help, you will find strategies on how to complete X Side Mission or do X thing. This topic can serve this purpose as well
  • West Island: There are many methods to get to West Island early. My favorite one is
    , but there are many other methods as well, including methods to bring cars to West Island
  • Youtube: Mainly for special vehicles, but you can also find Youtube videos about the collectibles, side mission tips, etc.
  • FOR THE ADMIRAL: You will need a Side Mission that will leave you with enough cash to but the Links view Safehouse (cheapest one with a Garage: $6000). Recommendations are Paramedics (Level 12, will leave you enough cash to buy ALL safehouses, credit to MetalMilitia89) OR if you're lazy like me then 20 Taxi Fares will leave you just enough. DO NOT attempt to do this with Cone Crazy, as the multistorey car park loves to eat vehicles. Also don't try collecting 60 Hidden Packages (enough for $6000), nor completing 11 USJs with the Admiral (hint: it'll blow up), nor 15 Rampages (the risk of the Admiral blowing up is too damn high). However, if you think you'll pull it off, you could try robbing a store for the maximum amount of cash you could get (a little over $8000 IIRC) and pick up 3 police bribes with the Admiral without getting it destroyed (no Pay N' Spray or you'll lose the special color).
  • TEST TRACK and TRIAL BY DIRT: FYI, Test Track is the one you do on the Landstalker, and Trial By Dirt is the one you do on the Sanchez dirtbike. You need to beat the race 3 times. You won't be racing anybody, however you must improve your time every time you go. Therefore, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to go super-slow on the first round, a little faster on the second one, and all-out on the last one. The final checkpoint is either the one just over a slope next to the start race (for Test Track) or the one that is right in front of this same slope (for Trial By Dirt). You can wait it out a little and when you feel comfortable pass through that checkpoint (remember, for every attempt it's 2 laps). I personally like 3:00 minutes, then 2:45 minutes then all out, but depending on your driving skill you might like more or less time. Just remember, the Landstalker flips over NOTHING, and falling off the Sanchez at high speeds is likely to happen (SPECIALLY since from the 2nd/3rd round onwards it'll start raining heavily during the mission, with you being unable to do anything about it). If you're looking for the Special Vehicles in the mission, just start it a fourth time (Rancher shows up in Test Track and Sanchez in Trial By Dirt), wait for the car to get close to you, jack it and get out of the track! Killing the driver is optional, but recommended for the Sanchez, as it'll be a Haitian with a Machete.
  • CONE CRAZY: You only need to pass this mission once, which is VERY EASY. However, you can also farm money from this mission, as shown

If you REALLY are a pro-GTA player (hint: I'm not), you can also build a Starter Save with a focus towards stats. The rule of thumb for us vehicle collectors is usually 0 Deaths, 0 Arrests, and 0 Cheats, but some people take it beyond that. Some people go for 0 Pay N' Spray visits, 0 unnecessary Mission Failures, and even as low as possible safehouse visits and playing time. If you just want to get these boring side quests done with then you may or may not go for this, but if you're going to share the savefile it would be recommended to perfect the stats. Here are some guidelines:

  • Deaths, Arrests, Cheats: It's seriously not that hard to get these. They are even the guidelines for the Chain Game! All you have to do is learn where the hospitals and other health pickups are located for your health, find a couple of armor pickups, and know the locations of at least 3 bribes in each island.
  • Pay N' Spray: Some us us just won't support the Zionist Mafia behind PnS, so we utterly refuse to attend it. Others just do it to save money and time. PnS can be avoided with a couple simple guidelines: 1) Learn where the Police Bribes and clothes pickups are available. The red Tracksuit in a Laundromat in Little Havana is always available, as well as the clothes pickups at the Ocean Beach Hotel and Hyman Condo. There are bribes scattered around the map, and since your wanted level won't ever go above 4 NO MATTER WHAT, just two or three bribe location is enough. you'll find them by exploring the city. And 2) Don't drive around like a crazy psychopath in a car that you want to conserve. If the car is disposable, then there is no reason to respray it, and if the car is NOT disposable, you really should limit yourself to driving it carefully, not stunting on it, and lock it up in a garage ASAP.
  • Safehouse Visits: Every time you step on the pink casette game saving icon, this stat goes up by one, whether or not you save the game.

Yes, of course I'm making one of these. I'm making a special one, however. In my save, after I've done all the side stuff, I'll start modifying car spawns and weapon pickups, as well as gang weapons and cars and making EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE available in the beginning, to add a little more 'sauce' to the game ;) Progress so far is as follow, marked as green for complete, red for incomplete, and yellow for partially completed (like this guide e.e). Here it is:

  • Hidden Packages: 100/100
  • USJs: 7/36
  • Rampages: 34/35 (only the one needed for EC Black Conversion left)
  • Stores Robbed: 15/15
  • Paramedic Level 12
  • Vigilante Level 12
  • Firefighter Level 12
  • Taxi Driver: 11/100
  • Pizzaboy Level 12
  • Safehouses: 7/7
  • RC Bandit
  • RC Raider
  • RC Baron
  • Hotring
  • Dirtring
  • Bloodring
  • PCJ Playground
  • Cone Crazy
  • Test Track
  • Trial By Dirt
  • EC White Admiral
  • EC Black Rancher
  • EC Black Sanchez
  • FP/EP Hotring
  • AP Sanchez
  • Modifying save
Thank you for reading this LOOOOONG BOOOOOORING topic, and happy side mission-ing! Edited by DragonpokeZ
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Lethal Vaccine



Not in it's own, original Topic, but I already listed the stuff in this other Topic like a year ago, lol...


From THIS TOPIC. A lot of random, good information, scattered around random Topics. Fire Trucks spawn on East Island when making a Fire, but NOT on Mobile. So Mobile you need to bring it back with the Packer Method from West to East and then do Fire Truck Level 12 on East Island with the Fire Truck you brought back over...


Also, I see no mention of other "Stats." Like, in a VC Starter Save you can have 0 Pay and Spray Visits. You can also reach 44% WITH the Rampage or WITHOUT the Rampage, you will still have 44%. Also Mission Attempts, if you do everything and NOT fail, will be 15.

Edited by MorsPrincipiumEst
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GTA VC PS2 Starter Save is now done and complete! Here are the Stats in the Spoiler.

Everything is done in the VC Starter Save except for one Rampage, the Chainsaw one, because I want to use it for the EC Black Conversion for my 2nd VC Save.

I also have the EC White Admiral stored at El Swanko Casa, and the EC Black Rancher and EC Black Sanchez stored in Hyman Condo Garage 3.

Criminal Rating - Hatchetman (2609)

Percentage Completed - 44%
Mission Attempts - 15
Playing Time - 8:07
Days Passed in Game - 22
Safehouse Visits - 6
Rampages Passed - 34 out of 35
Hidden Packages Found - 100 out of 100
People you've Wasted - 1191
People Wasted by others - 67
Road Vehicles destroyed - 133
Boats destroyed - 10
Planes & Helicopters destroyed - 3
Tires popped with Gunfire - 9
Total Number of Wanted Stars attained - 84
Total Number of Wanted Stars evaded - 33
Times Busted - 0
Hospital Visits - 0
Number of Headshots - 21
Daily Police Spending - $50577.00
Least Favorite Gang - Cubans
Gang Members Wasted - 886
Criminals Wasted - 98
Kgs of Explosives used - 57
Bullets Fired - 4412
Bullets that Hit - 3018
Accuracy - 68%
Dist. traveled by Foot (Miles) - 28.61
Dist. traveled by Car (Miles) - 196.83
Dist. traveled by Bike (Miles) - 53.59
Dist. traveled by Boat (Miles) - 0.00
Dist. traveled by Golf Cart (Miles) - 0.00
Dist. traveled by Helicopter (Miles) - 27.38
Dist. traveled by Foot (Miles) - 28.61
Total Distance traveled (Miles) - 306.41
Max. Insane Jump Dist. (m) - 92.00
Max. Insane Jump Height (m) - 15.00
​Max. Insane Jump Flips - 1
Unique Jumps Completed - 35 out of 36
Max. Insane Jump Rotation - 346°
Best Insane Stunt so far - Insane Stunt
Longest Wheelie Time (Secs) - 0
Longest Wheelie Distance (m) - 0.00
Longest Stoppie Time (Secs) - 0
Longest Stoppie Distance (m) - 0.00
Longest 2 Wheels Time (Secs) - 2
Longest 2 Wheels Distance (m) - 8.48
Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission - 78
​Highest Vigilante Mission Level - 12
Passengers dropped off - 100
Cash made in Taxi - $45177.00
People saved in an Ambulance - 78
Highest Paramedic Mission Level - 12
Total Fires extinguished - 78
Fire Truck Mission Level - 12
Stores knocked off - 15 out of 15
Assassination Contracts completed - 0 out of 5
Pizza's delivered - 55
Fastest Time in Dirt Ring - 6:08
Fastest Time in RC Plane Race - 2:42
​Fastest Time in RC Car Race - 2:26
​Fastest Time in RC Helicopter Pickup - 6:18
​Fastest Time in PCJ Playground - 1:48
​Fastest Time in Trial by Dirt - 5:16
​Fastest Time in Test Track - 5:16
Fastest Time in Cone Crazy - 0:24
​Hotring Best Result - 1
Fastest Time in Hotring - 3:49
Fastest Lap Time in Hotring - 15:00
Flight Hours - 0:00
Longest Time in Bloodring (Secs) - 60
​Fishes Fed - 0
Seagulls Sniped - 1
Most Favorite Radio Station - VCPD
Least Favorite Radio Station - Wave 103
Sprayings - 0
Weapon Budget - $0.00
Fashion Budget - $0.00
Property Budget - $41500.00
Auto Repair and Painting Budget - $0.00
Property destroyed - $743580.00
Property owned - 7 (3321 Vice Point, Links View Apartment, El Swanko Casa, 1102 Washington Street, Ocean Heights Apartment, Skumole Shack, Hyman Condo)
Highest Media Attention - 26 Boring

Tommy is wearing his normal Street Outfit.

Tommy has the following Weapons and Ammo:

Molotovs - 4
Colt Python - 15-6
Uzi - 30-30
M4 - 30-30
Rocket Launcher - 8
Laser-Scoped Sniper Rifle - 7-7

Tommy has 150 Health and 150 Armor.

Tommy has $356400 in his Pockets.

So short Stats: 0 Wasted, 0 Busted, 0 Cheats, 8:07 Total Playing Time, 6 Safehouse Visits, 15 Mission Attempts, 0 Missions Failed, 0 Pay and Spray Visits.

As a comparison, MorsPrincipiumEst had 9:04 Total Playing Time and 10 Safehouse Visits in his VC PS2 Starter Save, so mine is better in that aspect, but we'll see how I'll handle my 1st VC 100% Save with Special Vehicles.

These are the Runs that I've done for my VC Starter Save, thus how I got 6 Safehouse Visits by the end:

Run 1 - In the Beginning..., Paramedic, 1 Safehouse, EC White Admiral
Run 2 - PCJ Playground, Cone Crazy, 8 Store Robberies, 12 Rampages, 16 Unique Stunt Jumps, 35 Hidden Packages, 4 Safehouses
Run 3 - 13 Rampages, Firefighter, 64 Hidden Packages, 3 Unique Stunt Jumps, 2 Safehouses, 2 Store Robberies, Dirtring
Run 4 - RC Bandit Race, RC Baron Race, RC Raider Pickup, 12 Unique Stunt Jumps, 1 Hidden Package, 8 Rampages, 5 Store Robberies, Hotring, Blood Ring
Run 5 - 2 Unique Stunt Jumps, 1 Rampage, Vigilante, Pizza Boy, Test Track, Trial by Dirt, EC Black Rancher, EC Black Sanchez
Run 6 - 2 Unique Stunt Jumps, Taxi Driver

5 Starter Saves done (III, VC, LCS, VCS, CW)! 5 more to go (SA, IV, TLaD, TBoGT, V)!

I apologize for the Bump, but I wanted to share this information in the Starter Save Topic on the Forums for VC with the most information.

Edited by SpriteFan274
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