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Sprayshop - Car colour selection & custom Crew Colour editor

Recommended Posts


I couldn't find a trainer with a really good set of tools for editing car colours (especially RGB values), so I wrote one myself.


Features include:

  • Support for all colourable parts, primary / secondary / tertiary / pearlescent / wheel / trim / accent / dashboard.
  • Choice of all colours not normally available in Los Santos Customs, including Worn and Utility colours.
  • Switching paint finishes while retaining the colour, e.g. changing Worn Sea Wash to metallic.
  • Changing base paint colours without resetting the pearlescent colour.
  • RGB editing of custom primary and secondary colours, as well as support for inputting and generating hex Crew Colours.





Press F6 while in a car to open the menu.



How to install:

Place the ColourEditor.dll into the scripts folder of your GTAV install. If you don't have a scripts folder, create one.


Version history:

1.0 - Initial release.

1.1 - Added Epsilon, Faded Utility, Brushed Gold and Pure Gold textures. Updated Classic texture.




Source available on request - it's currently a bit messy though.

Edited by pez2k

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This is awesome. There is a pretty massive frame drop when using this in game (60's to exactly 29 fps).

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NativeUI itself seems to have some performance impact in all mods I've tried that use it, but that's a lot larger than I've experienced. Unfortunately I couldn't find another UI framework that is as accurate to the look of the native menus - if there are any suggestions I'm open to trying a different one.


The script itself isn't doing anything outside of reacting to menu actions, other than using the tick event to do a one-line check that the player hasn't gotten out of their car (if they have, it closes the menus). The only thing that even requires much CPU time is detecting the texture of your selected paintjob, as it has to basically match that colour against one in each category. Even then though, the most common colours will be caught first, you'd need a car in matte purple or chrome to make much of an impact and that code only runs at the time the menu is first opened, or when you select a colour. I'll have a look for any optimisation tricks to using NativeUI though.

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I've updated the tool now to include a few less common textures that I'd missed, including super-shiny Epsilon and Pure Gold.


I also have a couple of future ideas to do with NativeUI optimisation that I need to try out, but I'll probably have to add a configuration file to toggle them even if they do work.

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The tool is now updated to v1.5 with some new features: changing the menu key, saving and loading custom colours, and an option to automatically repair and clean the car when applying colour changes like in LSC.


It now creates a configuration file on first run to store the settings and saved colours. I've tried to make it fairly robust so that you can add new colours to the config file manually if needed - most of the fields should be fairly self-explanatory. You don't need to include every field for each saved colour either, there's sane defaults for each missing field so just the RGB fields or hex field alone is enough to work. It's worth mentioning though that if you have both RGB values and a hex code entered for a saved colour the hex code will always take precedence if they differ.


Unfortunately there are no optimisations that I can find to reduce the load that NativeUI takes up - generally the only improvements end up with a flickering menu.

Edited by pez2k

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Just gotta say thanks for making this. Use it to make all my colors in the requests page.

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Funny, right after I post that the mod stops working.


I have all the files from scripthook, scripthook.net, nativeui, and sprayshop in the GTA 5 folder. Any ideas?

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This tool doesnt work when i put the different files inside the main folder and inside the scripts folder it doesnt work... Why ?

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