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Couple of parachuting questions


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I've recently started doing a lot of parachuting and there are a couple of things that have been bothering me that I'd like to get some clarification on (maybe from a parachuting veteran).


1) I've noticed that on some of the jumps I don't seem to receive the extra 15 points for a perfect landing which I normally get on most of the jumps when landing in the center circle of the target. Just to be clear I'm not talking about the extra 15 points that you receive for finishing first if other players are involved but rather the bonus for landing in the middle of the target which you get both when playing solo and with others. In particular I've noticed that I don't get the landing points on Airstrip, Taking the Plunge, Desert and Jump Wings though there are perhaps other ones as well that I've not pinned down yet. When looking at the leader boards for these jumps though I notice the top people have more points than is currently possible for me to get so I assume at some point it must have been possible to get landing points on these jumps? I assume this issue must be a bug so perhaps it came into effect in one of the updates?


2) Another thing I've noticed is that the leaderboards don't seem to update for parachuting once you have set a time with the maximum number of points. To set an improved time would have to be done with other players anyway of course to get the extra 15 points for landing first but it seems that once you've set a time with the maximum points you can't get that time to update on the boards even if you beat it significantly? I know the boards don't update automatically sometimes but for me they don't seem to be updating at all once a maximum points score has been established. Just wanted to confirm if I'm right about that? If so maybe I'll start keeping note of my best times on paper

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Sounds like you probably know more about Parachuting than most players, cos I haven't got a clue and I really enjoy them.


File a Support ticket, otherwise nobody at R* will notice.

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1) yea I just tested it and noticed I didn't get the landing points either. from the look of the recording the last marker in those jumps seem to be quite close to the ground, I think they may be so low that we're not getting points for passing through them when we land like normal markers.


2) As for your best times, right again. The leaderboards only keep track of your best score jump, so even if you beat your previous best time the leaderboards won't update that score unless you beat your previous best score at the same time ...Which blows since the most fun way to do these races imo is by waiting as long as possible to pull your parachute (when possible).

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