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Australian police butthurt by police skin mod.

Finn 7 five 11

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Finn 7 five 11

So 18 months ago or so, someone who probably is on this forum made NSW (A state in Australia) police skins, and now the police have discovered it, and are offended and looking to take action hahaha. Look out GTAF, the big bad goonies are coming to take your skins! The media even sensationalized it a little for them.


Who would have thought GTA would offend someone? Haha. There's even a video of a police officer talking about it being harmful.




In the wide world of game modding, there's a pretty glaring absence of rules. If you wanna make a GTA mod that lets you kill people with a massive spoon, no one's going to stop you, you colossal weirdo.


For the lesser-nerds out there, modding is essentially tinkering with a game's code to change or expand on it in some way.


If a particularly violent or pornographic mod hits the spotlight, it gets a lot of press and people get bloody outraged. Classic A Current Affair material.


The practice has come back into the public eye once again with a GTA 5 mod that adds NSW Police skins to vehicles and the police themselves. The details they've added are pretty intricate and as you'd imagine, the real life NSW Police are incredibly pissed off.


7 News covered the story with all the expected hysteria and even called the modders "underground computer geeks". Good one, dad.


The police are looking to take action against the mod, but as the practice is not illegal, it will be interesting to see just how they'll go about taking it down.


According to the top comment on the Facebook video post, these skins have been floating around for about 18 months. It also points out that thanks to the coverage, the mod will now be getting thousands more downloads. Whoops.

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I watched the 7 News Sydney video on Facebook last night. It reeks of inaccuracies :lol: and I don't think they can take action against the mod creator. "underground computer geeks". Unbelievable.


Oh, and you're 7 years late, NSW Pig Force 🐷 🚨 lel

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Yo you guys got any crazy mods you can email me over the dark web

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Yo you guys got any crazy mods you can email me over the dark web

Mate us Aussies mod in some dark, dark sh*t...killing cops...in a VIDEO GAME?!


In all seriousness this entire thing is so damn absurd. I personally used the mod myself for a while and I certainly didn't mod it in so I could go around and massacre members of my local police force.

In fact, due to the amount of time and diligence it takes to make reskins, these skins, ironically, carry a certain level of respect, intentional or not, because the skins themselves are very accurate.



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Haha, silly ludites.

Edited by AUScowboy
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Wow this is ridiculous. Also anyone else notice the GTA IV clip at 0:34, even older mods!

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"I find it uffffennsivee."


Just the police/media trying to fight what they don't understand.

Edited by LincolnClay
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The irony of it is that it is probably made by someone who either is police supporter and role player or is a cop (since a fair few of those role players claim to really be cops).


If they knew about the roleplay scene, they'd be flattered.

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Am I the only one who finds it ironic that a country founded by prisoners has some ridiculously strict laws and other oddities like this?

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