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Actor route problem


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HI guys, I will post my problem her if you don't mind.


I made this quick video to show you what is my problem.





The first video is on standard gta, second is on Saxvcxlc and same thing happens on Gta underground. You can notice how, on a second video actor fell "asleep" few times. And also every lap (I made a loop route) actor fall "asleep" at different position. But if I play exactly same mission on original GTA, actor just fallow the route I made.

This can be specialy annoying when suddenly actor make a turn into the tree and get stuck or water and mission fail.

I have lot of missions where actors drive me, follow me, attack me, etc. I like making those missions and I like this conversion Becouse I can create very interesting missions with DYOM in other citys, also who doesn't love all three citys in one game. :)

I have a storyline which is impossible to play because actors won't fallow route. So I just need to know is there any fix or that's impossible to fix because you could mess with vice city and liberty city paths?

I just need to know, so I can delete missions an make replacment, before I continue with my storyline.

Sorry for a long post.

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It's random my brother. There is no such a fix of this. Like i said, it's random, it can be change anytime. It doesn't matter on GTA Underground or original one because i test the loop and route on both and i got the exact and same answer. What i mean to say is that, "if you try the original San Andreas, it will also stuck in trees and collide with the building or any object, but it happen sometimes". There is no fix!


Many peoples have the same problem about route points of vehicles and right now we didn't get any fix. So, it's sad to say that but you have to play it like this.

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Beleve me, I wouldn't talk like this if I wasn't 100% sure. When you switch off peds and cars, actors on original San Andreas drive very precise. For example I also have a mission where actor need to drive from docks in Los Santos. On original game there is no problem. I played the mission 15+ times. And also played it on conversion like understand, every time actor goes straight, hits the building, revers straight, forward straight hits it again, and so on. And I repeat that only happens on expanded maps, I have other moded San Andreas but with original map size, and it stil works.

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Generally, some kind of data or paths or something is changed in underground and why not! The conversion Underground just changed the whole game and added some new data therefore, he is showing this problem in underground. As i already mentioned, that there is no such a fix. You need to play it like this. I'm sorry, man.

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