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Happy Valentine's Day from GTA Online


Recommended Posts

Mmmmm, don't you just love the smell of consumerism in the morning?


We were hoping for a bunch of red (dead) roses today, but instead Rockstar is hosting a two week bonus-filled event to celebrate Valentine's in GTA Online. There's nothing "new" to buy, but there are plenty of ways to boost your income or save some cash.


Bonuses include:

  • Two new maps on the Till Death Do Us Part adversary mode
  • Double money and RP on 2x2 game modes: Till Death Do Us Part, Hasta La Vista, Relay and Offense Defense
  • 25% extra profit on Biker business sales
  • 25% extra profit on Special Cargo deliveries
  • 50% off CEO Assistant services
  • 25% off vehicles - Albany Roosevelt, Albany Roosevelt Valor and Ocelot Penetrator (giggity)
  • 25% off all upgrades at Benny's
  • 25% off at Ammu-Nation - Gusenberg Sweeper
  • 25% off Import/Export tattoos
  • 25% off all previously released Valentine's clothing
You can also grab extra dosh on Premium races (Duel & Over and Under) and Time Trials (Sawmill & Cypress Flats) over this fortnight.


Happy Valentine's Day! :inlove: And remember kids: wear protection! you don't want to chafe the skin on your right hand again.


6ON4kBg.pngGTAForums Discussion Topic


PIju4Jo.pngRockstar Newswire Post



Snapmatic by @Ka_Wouter



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Happy Valentine's Day! :inlove: And remember kids: wear protection! you don't want to chafe the skin on your right hand again.

Pfff losers!


I don't have to jerk it because I'm too busy earning those sweet GTA Dollars and RP.



Please hold me :(


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I know I'm too late but, happy valentine's day!

I've got so much money by playing this over and over again.

Edited by MikePhilips
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I kinda wished that Rockstar Games would've added some new Valentines content to the game because I don't really care about bonus events to be honest.. :(

Edited by Michael
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I think multiplayer is free for this event. I was able to play Online last night despite my membership running out.

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