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FX's Legion


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Based on the X-Men character Legion.


After one episode I'm sold. It's like Stranger Things (synths) was in a threesome with 12 Monkeys and Mr Robot and Wes Anderson was there not exactly filming it, but approving the angle of the camera.




Also, the first episode is free on iTunes and other digital sources.

Edited by darthYENIK
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Yea, I was kinda neutral in the first two episodes but the third one got me really interested. Pretty slow though.


Ed: I wasn't aware of this character at first and googling him kinda spoiled his origin for me (his parents).

Edited by krypt0s
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Yeah, nobody google the character. Not that there's much chance of his origin occurring in the show.


Yeah, this show's pacing is really slow, but I really like it, and still get that "aw man, it's over" feeling when the credits roll. I can see a lot of people having no clue what's going on in it, as well. It's very out there, and you need to draw a lot of conclusions on your own, or just speculate at this point.


Also, is this set in the past? I thought there was a 70s or 80s vibe, but it was just a stylistic choice, but then Melanie mentioned her husband and I think she gave a date in the 40s or 50s as to when they met. So either she's way older than she looks or it's set 30-50 years ago.

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