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Amazing Art!


Recommended Posts


Let's share some Amazing Art!

It doesn't have to be your work (however it can be) but it has to be art that you think is amazing.

A Painting or a A Line Drawing, A Photograph or a Digital Picture.

Please try to provide some information: the artist,the medium and why the art inspires you.

Here are some works that I think are amazing:


The Building of the Tower of Babel

Marten van Valckenborch I (1534–1612)

Towneley Hall Art Gallery & Museum

I like the atmosphere and the detail in this piece.



The Gods and their Makers by Edwin Long, also Towneley Hall, Burnley.

I love this painting. The scene is both amusing and interesting and I've been familiar with this picture all my life, I used to visit Towneley Hall as a child and this one was my favourite.



A little more up to date: Winter landscape, Delph by John McCoombs.

My old art teacher and the person who really inspires me still. I find his art simple and refreshing.



One of mine. This was a private commision of King Arthur Pendragon.

I quite like the result :)

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Two pretty different pieces but both here for pretty much the same reason:


Kitagawa Tsukumaro - Sitting Courtesan, ~1800, Woodblock Print


It's a pretty standard piece amongst the plethora of ukiyo-e prints out there, but this one stood out because it conveys something very complex - many layers of fluid multi-patterned cloth, which for a traditional Western artist would be a nightmare to paint - very simply, cleanly, and without disrupting the nature of the piece. The linework gives you the shapes and dimensions, and the colouring gives you the texturing and layering, all without needing shading or even warping the texture to match the 3-dimensional shapes.



Robh Ruppel - Untitled, ~2010, Digital Plein Air


Robh's a concept artist that has a lot of fairly normal and not particularly interesting pieces done for his concept work on various entertainment products, but his sketches are pretty special. Mostly utilising hard geometric shapes gives a similar result to Tsukumaro's work, mostly devoid of soft graduating shadows (an obvious exception being highlights on the signpost in the foreground) and relying on a mixture of carefully chosen colours for realistic lighting with a few hard shadows to sell the illusion. It's a fairly abstract work for something that's depicting a real-life scene - lots of rectangles overlapping and slapped about if you look at the buildings in the background and the "texture" on the building to the right - but the effectiveness of the simplicity of the colours and geometry are enough to make it look realistic at first glance and a very nice piece overall.


Pieces like these really helped with the idea that less is more!


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Feels like an amazing oppurtunity to share with all of you a bit of my History and Culture of the Arts knowledge, per say. So why not take it? :)


I absolutely adore impressionistic paintings, mainly Claude Monet. The reason can't be more simple: he's able to represent a scenario without showing any pencil draw outline, but limiting himself to a brush instead. Another aspect I couldn't ignore is how you can only understand and appreciate the work if you look at it from a certain distance. In sum, another reason this piece of art is enjoyable for me is its era, made on the 19th century, when artists started to think differently and changing the way people saw art, following the conceptions 'I represent what I want'.




I like this topic, it feels different and it's both a nice source of culture and a nice place to discuss culture with other people and, perhaps, learn more about the great pieces of art throughout human history we got out there!

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  • 2 months later...

One of my favourite artists; Joseph Farquharson.


His art is kinda samey but I like it for that, plus I'm lucky enough to be able to see a couple of his originals in a gallery near my home.





'The Sun Fast Sinks in the West'
Towneley Hall Art Gallery & Museum







'The Sun Had Closed the Winter Day'
Manchester Art Gallery

'The Silent Evening Hour'
Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum


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Femme Fatale

Some p dope artwork of GG Allin, rest in piss you trashy hot scumfuc.







Femme fatales always look stunning, especially in the noir genre. I've always wanted to be one, sure I'm not a woman, but I'm an effeminate Gay guy. Surely that counts, no? :p




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Oil paintings by Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich







Edited by CrysisAverted
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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm a huge fan of Junji Ito's work.



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  • 3 months later...
  • 2 years later...

an elderly curmudgeon by Roklywang


this one was made by a user named DutchPuh in A Photoshop contest:


this one was made by Marek Denko:


"Hobo Nickels" are coins that are carved into other shapes. This one is made into a frog, but i dont know who made it:


If you want to know who made this one, the image adress is a wikipedia link:


Old town, Edinburgh, Scotland


New Zealand


this one is made by Dariusz Zawadzki 


And this is Skyrim Landscape:


Edited by uq7451
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Heres a bunch of artists im doing studies of in my spare time


Alberto mielgo


I love the use saturated colors and experimental perspectives he uses in his works as well as the general gritty urban flair they have. He was a concept artist on spiderverse i think






Mark demsteader is also really good. I like the dark and minimal vibe most of his paintings have. He did portraits of emma watson.






Yoji shinkawa of metal gear fame. His inking is impeccable and very creative and abstract use of screentones. Very jidaigeki ish.






Theres also a bunch of other artists like norman rockwell, leyendecker, repin, alfonse mucha, vincent xeus, takehiko inoue, katsuhiro otomo, akira hiramoto and sui ishida that i really like and want to do studies on but im not going to post their works here bc of spatial issues.

Edited by DownInTheHole
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  • 2 weeks later...

Amazing Art isn't just found in Art Galleries: here's some amazing pavement / sidewalk art from around the world.















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Pine, Plum and Cranes by Shen Quan made in 1759

It looks calm and the colors are finely selected. You can feel that only the important stuff is colored yet nothing gets lost in the details.




Source I like slice of life arts like these especially the ones that portray a calm and sunny scene. You can almost place yourself into the scenery. They are just really happy and positive pieces of art. Here's another one for the same effect


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